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Wellsprings of the Great Perfection

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(2:1) pp. 114- 120 "The 12 Dzogchen Buddha-s (excerpt from the Heart-Essence of Vimalamitra)"


p. # world teacher teaching retinue lifespan, in years
115 1st perfect-palace
in realm of
Great Vajradhara
as Youth of
Sublime Light
root-tantra, compiled by
caelestial youth
Mighty Bringer
of joy & divine
youth Brilliant Sun
1002 buddha-s a-samkhyeya
116 2nd Saha Youth of
Immutable Light
5 tantra-s (body, speech,
mind, quality, activity):
in language of
5-tufted Visnu
2 laksa-s
of dakini-s
10 laksa-s
3rd Mass of Light
composed of
warmth & of
Gentle Splendor
Protector against
Churning the Depths of Samsara;
Peafowl with Entwined Necks;
Glorious Tantra of the Resolution
of the 4 Elements : in the language
of 3-tufted Garuda
6 laksa-s of
1 laksa
4th place of the
material womb
Youth Playful
11 tantra-s
(5 of mind + 6 branch-tantras)
5,000 yaksa-s &
cliff-dwelling raksa-s
116-7 5th Healing Herb
Garden of
the 6th
the 6 paramita-s the 7 successive
117 6th Blazing Fire
Mountain in
Delighting in
the Great Secret
Great Powerful
Warrior Youth
father-tantra-s &
7 bodhi-sattva-s 60,000
7th Raksa Sound
of Rulu
Sage King
10 Tantra-s for
Turning the Rough-Minded
1 koti of raksa-s 10,000
8th Vulture Peak
Golden Light
Vinaya in 10,000 sections many s`ravaka-s 5,000
117-9 9th at tree of
within palace of
Complete Victory
in land of
Turquoise-Browed Sog-po-s
7 Studded Tantra-s bodhi-sattva-s on
the 8th bhumi
119 10th Vulture Peak Kas`yapa the
Kriya & Anu-yoga in
75,000 parts
7 arhant-s 500
11th place of the
Vajra Throne
Truly Perfected
Father King
definitive meaning lords of the
3 families
12th An-atha-pinda-da’s
pleasure grove
S`akyamuni Dharma-wheel turned
12 times
4 groups 100

p. 422, n. 28 the 7 bodhi-sattva-s (retinue of 5th teacher) are :

  • Vigorous Cloud
  • Powerful Elephant
  • Delightful Youth
  • Eminent Sama-adhi
  • Jewel-Bearer
  • Vajra-Cutter
  • Sun-Circle


119 "times" = "changelessness"
"cleared" = "free of karmic ... obscurations"
"perfected" = ‘transcended meeting and parting"
120 "mind" = "primordially free"
"transmission" = "free from omission and [from] duplication"

p. 121 biography (as dictated by Padmasambhava) of Vimalamitra

The king Dharma-as`oka had a daughter Dharma-bodhi :
"Once, while sleeping in a flower garden, she dreamed that ...
white man came and anointed her ... the liquid passed down through the crown of her head ...
After twenty-one days, ... she gave birth to a baby boy. ...
He ... was given the name Vimalamitra".

(2:2) pp. 122-151 "Seven Segments to Establish the Great History (another excerpt from the Heart-Essence of Vimalamitra").

124-5 The district Dhana-kos`a, in the country of Uddiyana, "was
surrounded by sandalwood forests and inhabited by the type of
animal known as kosana [‘rending’], whose bodies are human
with bear-like faces and whose claws are ... iron spikes."
125 The women would tied their hair in two knots, one at the front
and one at the back and embellish it with ... bone ornaments.
Su-dharma (daughter of this country’s king titled Uparaja and of
his queen Radiant Light), while asleep "in a grass hut on the
island known as Covered with Golden Sand, ... dreamt that

a white man shaped out of precious crystal ... placed a crystal vase
at the crown of her head ..."

When she awoke, her attendant the dakini Serene Purna
interpreted the dream to mean that she would give birth.
127 This boy-child, at the age of seven, astounded the erudite with his wisdom.
128 To him were given 4 names :


Pra-he[la]-vajra [/pra-hela/ ‘playful’],

Resurrected Ash-Colored One,

Serene Resurrected One.
He taught, on mt. Malaya, the Great Perfection in 64 laks.a-s of sections,
129 at the requaest of

Blissful World Taste (the vajra-dhatu dakini "with three faces,
wearing tiger’s skin, her four arms holding a parasol of peacock
feathers, and riding tigers and lions"); and of

Yellow Bliss-Giver of Boundless Qualities (a dakini "riding a
dragon, holding a garland of lightning-bolts ...").
"five miles northeast of the Vajra throne ... the great charnel
ground Cool Grove ... has ... in its center ... the glorious Stupa of
the Descent from Heaven made from copper with gilded wheels ...

To the northeast of this charnel ground was a wishfulfilling tree
Bhisala ... There the mundane celestial being Mighty Bringer
of Joy – riding on a black tiger, holding a trident in his hand and
wearing a long cape of red silk -- ... lived together with a retinue of ten million."
130 There, were various d.akini-s, some each :

"issuing rays of sunlight from their eyes; ...

emitting thunderclaps from their mouths wile riding on buffalos; ...

riding lions, raising human corpses in their hands; ...

eating entrails while riding on garuda-s; ...

carrying corpses on spears and riding on jackals; ...

Similarly, others were

raising their own decapitated heads in their hands; ...

had torn their own hearts out and were holding it in their hands; ...

had cut open their bodies and were holding up their entrails to be eaten".
132 "the great Sosadvipa charnel ground situated one league to the
west of the Vajra Throne ... in its center was a self-appeared stupa
... It had wheels and a coral parasol and was made from precious silver. ...

There were also peculiar mundane gods ... living to the southwest.
... Among the mundane gods were

Ananda Kumara whose face was that of a lion ... His body was
decoarated with garlands made from skulls and draped with a
cloth of black silk. With a retinue of one hundred thousand slayer
mamo-s, he was riding an ox ...
There, were various d.akini-s, some each :

"riding lions with their hair hanging loose, raising up victory banners of nine stacked skulls. ...

riding on flacks of birds, holding banners of lion skin. ...

had one body but eleven heads and were eating from entrails,
133 ... black women brandishing their braided hair while emitting
jackals from their mouths. ...

had human bodies but with wings and ... were hurling down
rainstorms ... while raising banners of tiger skin in their hands. ...

tearing the upper part of their bodies from the lower, and tearing
out their lungs and heart. ...

cutting off their own limbs and tossing them in all directions."
Meanwhile in the region in China known as Sos.a-dvipa (So-sa
glin ‘salty island’) [or else as Kos`a-dvipa (p. 422, n. 40)], "the
householder Virtuous One and his wife Wise Light had a son
known as S`ri Simha who ... took birth in the city called Black
S^o-Am Jom. ... he studied ... with the Chinese master Hastibhala
under the Tree of Enlightenment in China".
134 Having journeyed, mounted on a black camel toward the city of
Golden Sanctuary to the west of the Tree of Enlightenment, and
proceeded thence eastwardly in China to "the Five-Peaked
Mountain, Wu Tai-shan," S`ri Simha furthermore studied Secret
Mantra for 7 years under the low-caste master Bhela-kirti, before
(at the instance of Avalokita-is`vara) travelling for 9 nychthemera,
"one cubit above and not touching the ground,"
to meet with Manjusrimitra at Sosadvipa.
135 From an arm (of his transfigured guru Manjusrimitra)
extended out of a cloud, S`ri Simha received in a 1-inch casket
containing a text "written with one hundred and one [varieties of]
gems on paper composed of five types of precious substance."
Having been taught the Brilliant Essence of Gold by
Manjusrimitra re-incarnate, "On Mount Mass of Cane in the
charnel ground known as Fragrant Grass, Aryadeva awakened to
true and complete enlightenment while his material body vanished."
137 In accordance with instruction imparted to him (by the dakini
Manifest Adornment) in his dream, S`ri Simha concealed, within
a copper box beneath the balcony in the Auspicious 10,000 Gates
Temple at the Tree of Enlightenment in China, the Secret Mantra
teachings brought (by Manjusrimitra) from beneath the Vajra Throne.
"the Cooling charnel ground in China ... was encircled by
karavira trees, and within that there were groves of cane and reed.
In the middle of this ... the d.akini-s were ... flying through the sky ... blowing horns ...

Amidst all this was a mansion of piled skulls, ... and at the base
were naga maidens bathing. Here S`ri Simha ... sat ... on an
elephant throne and upon a celestial visnu stripped naked."
"in Elephant Forest in the western part of India, ... the
householder Blissful Wheel and his wife Bright Spirit had a son
by the name Vimalamitra. And, in the city by the name
Kamalas`ila in the eastern part of India, the low caste S`anti
Lag-pa and his wife Virtuous Mind had a son who became known
as Jnanasutra." [[[Jnanasutra]] = naga-king Nanda’s incarnation
Naga-raja Patrin (‘possessing a goblet’), who studied the
Mind Section under king Hastin [‘elephant’] and princess Pra-rani (p. 422, n. 42)]
138 "They [[[Vimalamitra]] & Jnanasutra] had a karmic connection
from a previous rebirth, since they had been born as sons of the
brahmin Sattva {cf. Sattva Yoga}, and therefore became good friends."
140 In accordance with instructions imparted to him (by the dakini
Noble Kindness in the form of a "woman carrying a water pot on
her back"), Jn~ana-sutra at the 10,000 Gates, from a balcony to
the northeast, "saw a creature with the head of a lion, the neck of
a peacock and the head of a scorpion." This was the dakini Cari,
who then introduced him to S`ri Simha.
141 This composite animal was the d.akini Cari, who then introduced
him to his master S`ri Simha.
142 S`ri Simha "would occasionally engage in the courageous conduct
of retaining [holding] the breath. Occasionally he would perform
the special conduct of riding on a tiger of a buffalo."

S`ri Simha "was invited by Resplendent Giving, the king of Li, so
he went there on a six-legged white lioness," and while gone
toward Li was tranfigured "amidst a mass of light and all the sky
resounded with endless harmonies in the most melodious ways.
The whole earth was quaking, trembling and shaking, and was
covered with boundless heaps of flowers of
143 gold, silver and other types." Then, when S`ri Simha’s testament
the Seven Spikes fell (from the sky) into the palm of Jnanasutra’s
hand, a (disembodied) voice instructed of whither to wend.
"the Bhasing charnel ground in India ... lies far to the east of the
Vajra throne.

To its north is a black mountain that resembles a sleeping
elephant with water flowing from its mouth.

To its south is a mountain that resembles a yellow tiger standing
upright, fragrant with the scent of gors`ikha sandalwood.

To its west is a cliff that looks like a lion leaping into the sky,
which as the nest of a garud.a bird.

To the east is a li tree resembling the head of a brahma god ...

In the center of this charnel ground is the Stupa of Perfect Merit
cast from precious copper and iron. It life-pillar is made from
snake-essence sandalwood ... On the ledges are painted layered
wheels of azurite gemstones. ...
144 On the last ledge are simha, the king of trees, extending into all
directions. The interwoven branches of these trees are connected
by garlands and pendants resembling turquoise cords. ... Above
them countless divine maidens make circumambulations."
"Half a league direct south is a crystal mansion ... Here dwells the
black-colored Time-Line Lord [Lady] of the Dead, tossing her
mane, clenching her fangs. With a huge belly and heaven-turned
eyes, she is surrounded by a thousand mundane mamos.

Above there dwells Dhari the Divine Maiden, the one who sets the
world in motion. She is red, naked and riding a donkey.
Her bloody braids cover the earth and smoke pours from her eyes.
Flames spring from her mouth and ... she is surrounded by a
retinue of eight hundred maras. ...

In the east is the dark brown Learned Splendid Wisdom with five
faces who rides a garud.a and ... Her braided hair coiling upward
is fully enclosed in garlands of skulls. ... She wears the attire of
the charnel ground and is surrounded by a retinue of one thousand
pacifying dakinis.

To the south is the d.akini Protective mind of yellow color. With
one face and two arms, she rides a ganapati. Her terrifying, naked
form has wings of turquoise and sapphire. ... Mouth agape, she
glares with bulging eyes, and is surrounded by a thousand
enriching dakinis.
145 ... to the west is the Great Blaze who is red and naked, with
captivating hair. ... She rides on an antelope and is surrounded by
a retinue of one thousand d.akinis of the magnetizing family.

To the North is Ever-Excellent of green color, with free-flowing
hair. Her right hand holds and owl and her left raises a falcon.
She rides a wolf surrounded by one thousand d.akinis of the karma family."
"At this time, Vimalamitra was living in the Smaller charnel
ground, ... riding a blue buffalo ... From the sky he heard the voice
of the dakini Splendid Wisdom" instructing him to "go to the
great Bhasing charnel ground." There, Jn~ana-sutra "emitted
rays of light from the curl of hair between his eyes, extending nine
hundred and ninety-five fathoms."
146 "Jn~anasutra dissolved his material body ..., departing with no
physical remains left behind, and the sky was filled with lights."
147 "Vimalamitra remained ... in the city of Bhirya to the west ...
Later ... living in the great charnel ground known as Brilliant ...

Vimalamitra made three copies of the manuscripts of the supreme
secrets :

one set he concealed on the island Covered with Golden Sand, in
the land of Uddiyana,

one set within the craggy cave known as Suvarn.advipa in Kas`mir,

one set he placed in that charnel ground to serve as an object of
veneration for the dakinis."

(2:4) pp. 156-160 "Shri Singha Confers the Eighteen Dzogchen Tantras".

p. 158 S`ri Simha bestowed upon Padmasambhava :

the text for
Heart Essence of the Dakini-s instruction
sGra Thal->gyur Root-Tantra[, to which are
appended the 17 Tantra-s of Innermost
1. Tantra beyond Letters basis
2. Tantra of Shining Relics signs
3. Tantra of Self-Existing Perfection empowerment
4. Tantra of Point-out Instructions
5. Blazing Lamp Tantra
6. Tantra of Self-Manifest Awareness
7. Tantra of the Mind-Mirror Vajrasattva
8. Tantra of Piled Gems
9. Tantra of the Union of Sun and Moon
10. Tantra of Studded Jewels
11. Tantra of Self-Liberated Awareness
12. Pearl Garland Tantra
13. Tantra of the Heart-Mirror Samantabhadra
14. Tantra of Graceful Auspiciousness
15. Tantra of the Perfected Lion
16. Tantra of the 6 Sphaeres
17. Tantra of the Sun of the Brilliant Expanse

(2:8) pp. 179-186 "The Jewel Garland Records".

p. 182 2 types of major emanations from the Densely-Arrayed realms of self-display in this Saha-world

p. 182 the 3 types of supreme emanations of blessings

  1. bodily form made from 101 pretious substances
  2. great scripture Single Child of the Doctrine
  3. vajra of dharmata that fitteth into the hand of the 1st human beings

pp. 184-186 the 12 sublime emanations of wisdom

p. in the place __ there appeared __
184-5 Abundant Delight Youth of Inconceivable Sublime
Light, teacher of the 17 Tantra-s of
Innermost Luminosity
185 Saha world Youth of Immutable Light
Mass of Light Protector against Fear
Manifest Womb of Passionate
Youth Playful Grace
Healing Garden of Youth on the
southern side of mt. Su-meru
186 the charnel ground Delighting
in the Great Secret
Powerful Warrior Youth
Raksa Sound of RULU Wrathful Sage King
Vulture Peak mountain Sublime Golden Light
Turquoise-Browed Sog-po Lovingly Playful Wisdom
Vulture Peak mountain [again!] Kas`yapa the Elder
Vajra Throne Truly Perfected King
Kapila-vastu S`akya-muni

p. 186 Vajra-pan.i taught to the vidya-dhara-s in the charnel ground Blazing Fire Mountain on the northern side of mt. Su-meru {/pan.i/ is ‘miser’, a name appropriate for a denizen on the northern side of mt. Su-meru, the site of the cities of Ku-vera, god of the rich}

(2:9) pp. 188-206 "Illuminating Sunlight to Reveal the Treasury of the Pretious Dharma History"

p. 189 mind-transmission through the Conquerors [Jina-s]

p. "__-kaya"!teaching
189 Sva-bhavika- by revealing natural luminosity
Dharma- natural liberation in actuality
through inspired resplendence
Sam-bhoga- through his own identity
Guhya- method of great bliss
190 Nir-mana- by proclaiming throughout the
realms of gods

pp. 190-191 the 4 dreams by [the Guhya-kaya] A-nanda-Garbha nicknamed "Noble Spirit" (he was eldest of the 501 sons of the deva Bhadra-pala) on the plateau of the 33 deva-s

p. dream
190-1 1st – "rays of light from all the buddhas radiated into the ten
directions after which the light rays and the six Munis encircled
... and finally dissolved into the crown of his head."
191 2nd – "he swallowed Brahma, Vis.n.u and Pas`upati in one gulp."
Example 3rd – "the son and moon rose in the sky, and he took them both in
his hands and illuminated all worlds with their light."
Example 4th – "nectar showered down from the cloud-covered sky ... so
that sprouts, flowers and jewel-like fruits simultaneously ripened."

pp. 192-195 realms of Vajrasattva

p. dir. buddhafield Tatha-gata symbol of the mind
192 centre "emanated Vajrapani from
his own heart centre who raised
a wheel of
self-radiating jewels"
193 east Perfectly Subjugating Vajra Vajra Secret [Vajra-guhya] vajra
193 & 195 south Jewel Light Ratna-pada ornament of dag-s`aka
195 west Waterlily Mound Waterlily Light waterlily
north Perfect Accomplishment Perfected Brilliance

p. 197 empowerments conferred and instructions imparted (in the hall holding the life-pillar nade of a 9-pronged vajra, on the top floor of the Palace of Victory on the plateau of the 33 deva-s) by Vajra-pan.i to Noble Spirit

empowerment instruction
Perfect Royal Vase 10 Miraculous Statements
3-fold Spontaneous Praesence Encountering the 3 Kaya-s
Great Sphaere Unchanging Mind Essence
Changeless Steadiness Insight during Daily Activities
Immediacy of Awareness Identifying Original Wakefulness
Non-dual Mingling Great Seal [maha-mudra]
Vajra Statement Regent Nomination

Pra-he[la]-vajra & disciple Man~ju-s`ri-mitra

199 The princess-nun Paran.i [‘breakfast; perusal’] "While facing
east ... saw a golden swan, who in fact was Vajrapani ... The swan,
came flying through the sky accompanied by 4 other swans.
... the bird the Lord of Secrets had miraculously created, touched his
beak three times to the princess ... The swan took flight".
{cf. impraegnation of the goddess Nemesis by a divine swan (GM 62.a).}
200 "A nine-pronged vajra set with a assortment of the finest
gemstones now emerged from the princess’s heart ... and became
a boy-child ... Prahe[la]vajra", who is thus (pp. 202 & 190)
a nirmana-kaya.
"Vajrapani summoned the three bearers [S`aka-putrin,
Naga-putrin, and Guhya-putrin – 3 sons of Upa-raja (p. 423, n. 64)]
from Dams`o: [dam-s`od (p. 429)] Haven charnel ground to
the southwest, and ... he entrusted them with all the tantras in
completeness – the Twenty Thousand Sections of the Ninefold Space".
202 "an emanation of noble Man~jus`ri ... was born to the brahmin
Glorious Sustainer of Bliss as the father and to the brahmini
Kuhana [‘hypocrisy’, a mouse-goddess] as the mother. ... He was
named Siddhi-garbha [‘success-embryo’] the Brahmin, as well as
Samvaragarbha [‘magic-embryo’]." {‘embryo’-names are
allusions to the tatha-garbha, with reminiscences of the [Vaidik]
Hiranya-garbha (‘gold-embryo’), of rasa-ayan.a and even of
Daoist al-chemy}
203 "Siddhigarbha, the senior prince of Rajahasti and some other,
seven in all {cf. the "transmigrations of the 7 brahmin-s" in the
Puran.a-s}, ... arrived at the Vajra Haven Cave where they met ...

GM = Robert Graves : The Greek Myths. 1955.

p. 206 the 3 cycles of teachings derived from Man~ju-s`ri-mitra [‘kinsman of Man~ju-s`ri’, ordination-name of Siddhi-guhya (p. 204)]

__ Cycle for __
Brahmin’s distinguishing
King’s resolving
Instruction revealing self-liberation


Erik Pema Kunsang (transl.) : Wellsprings of the Great Perfection. Rangjung Yeshe Publ., Hong Kong, 2006. pp. 112-206 = "Part II. From Early Treasure Masters" illustrations from this book