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Two powerful mantras to protect against evil.

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If you've heard my account of how I met my friend Suryakant in 2003 after inquiring for such a mantra a few months prior [while I was in jail..a result of having been subjected to evil machinations that intended to 'take me out of the picture' by a most abhorrent and detestable local 'coven' that was after my sister [a 'Lilith Cult coven... into 'Sex Magic'.] I was told of this mantra in Jail by a Sikh, that was a bit of an aberrant yogi, like myself...[he was in for drunk driving] He could only tell me the title of the mantra and not the words. [and as it is a very lengthy and complicated recitation that is not really a 'mantra' [as I understand this] but rather a 'prayer'. A mantra being of words containing some or entirely composed of 'bij' words in the very ancient and pure tongue of Sanskrit or Vedic [ which is older and is said to be more perfect as to some of the is the root mother language of all Indo-European Languages except that of the Basque and the Tallic languages of Finland and Estonia...hence the mother tongue of the Caucasians.] ...wikipedia has a fairly unbiased explanation[s] for mantras and bija [or bij...seed words/sylables/sounds]...I will attest they do have an inherent affect that is unique to each and that is inviolate, incorruptible and must certainly be as old and as permanent as the very fabric of all creation because they actually were the cause of creation...they are one with it all...and with GOD ...or the Creator...Providence if you so prefer....the Cosmos if you will.
If I told you to go and meditate on the word/sound OM [or AUM as some prefer to spell it] until you actually became one with it [to achieve 'Samyama', as this achievement is known in is the combined unison of concentration, meditation and absorption.] and told you that when you do so that you will turn into a Lion, or that you will become invisible or be able to speak and understand a hundred foreign won't happen. What will happen is what has always happened to one who has done so...regardless of what he/she was told or believes. This is exactly what happened to me the first time I achieved such a state with the bija mantra, OM.
A few other mantras I was given without being told what to expect ...that when I did achieve samadhi with them the Guru that gave them to me described exactly what happened and or what I saw/heard after the fact!
There can be no greater testimonial than that... other than your own!

Upon leaving jail and returning to the transient Hotel I had been living in...I met a new resident, Suryakant, of whom that, when He informed me that he too was a yogi and a disciple of one of the most revered and renowned Gurus of the 19th and 20th century, Dhyanyogi Madhusudandas, the late master of Maha Kundalini Yoga of India, I asked him if he had ever heard of the 'Hanuman Chalisa' and if so could he recite it for me or write it down?
Suryakant replied he had a recitation on cassette tape by Dhyanyogi himself!
He gave it to me and I played it often the next few months.
Just the other day as I had to look up how to spell his Gurus' name [once again...hey! It's a hard one to spell!] I clicked on wikipedia and discovered that it had been somewhat re-written since I last read it..and I was stunned, floored, ecstatic with a soulful joy to discover a new passage that tells of the Dhyanyogis' own encounter with his Sat Guru [The True Teacher...meaning the one that you were destined to have as your Spiritual Teacher above all others,,,for those of you that follow Jesus/Yeshua, He is your 'Sat Guru'...those of Islam, Mohammed is your Sat Guru [as I understand it..if I'm wrong, please don't take this as an affrontry, thank you].
I talked to Suryakant this past week and He told me he was unaware of this 'story' or 'anecdote'....history... of his Guru..he was a bit embarassed by have me tell him something about his sat Guru he didn't know..but, that is not uncommon for us yogis... possibly more so than not...we are given what we NEED TO KNOW and usually very little else if anything at all about extraneous matters such as this...this is from wikipedia:

"Spiritual quest and meeting his Satguru

Thereafter, for thirty years he traveled across India, often walking in remote and unsettled areas, where he sought and met saints and yogis living in seclusion, and learned whatever they would teach him. Thus, with his longing for spiritual knowledge he became adept at Mantra, Yantra, Hatha, Raja and Jnana yogic practices and philosophies. At the age of 27, Kashinath was given the spiritual name of Madhusudandas, upon taking vows of renunciation ( sannyasa).
Although he had mastered many yogic paths and practiced intense austerities, he was unable to attain his ultimate goal of self realization until he found his Satguru. Finally, that happened after thirty years of austerities and intense searching. In 1921, while he was practicing stringent austerities in a cave on Mt. Abu,, Rajasthan, his Guru Shri Yogiraj Parameshwardas, a master of Kundalini yoga, came to him.
Thereupon, Shri Parameshwardas bestowed Shaktipat initiation on Madhusudandas. Immediately he attained the highest state of samadhi and the ultimate goal of Self-realization the exalted state for which he had yearned since childhood.
He recounts that when he opened his eyes three days later, he beheld his Guru seated before him in the form of Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman, was the quintessential devotee of Shri Rama embodying the highest level of bhakti (devotional love), jnana (knowledge of Reality), vairagya (renunciation or detachment) and seva (selfless service). And these Divine qualities of Lord Hanuman became the hallmarks of Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandas.", if that ain't a testimonial to the adage "Ask and ye shall receive" about things of a Spiritual Nature... I don't know what is.

Gurus as a rule don't appear to disciples in the form of Hanuman... in fact this is the first such story from India I've ever heard of anyone having done so...and I've read a lot of accounts, tales and such ...from the classic, "Autobiography of a Yogi" to the recent 'Autobiography of a Sadhu' [which I haven't finished as of yet] ...from the accounts and tales of Richard Alpert [[[Ram]] Das] to the autobiography of Jiddu Krishnamurti that came to America and resided in California many years. [If I have read such an account, I certainly don't remember it...anyways.]

When I obtained Samyama with the bija mantra OM in 1968 I believe I some how became of a concern to the late Swami Sivananda that was THE Swami of the Japa Order of India.... He appeared to me in a dream in 1974 or 5 and I had no idea of whom he was...until I saw a book by his disciple Sri Satchitananda in 1976 and saw his picture on the back cover... the darnedest thing was...he had 'died' in 1963... go figure. Japa is 'Mantra Yoga' the bija OM...the greatest of all it is the LOGOS.

One need not be a Buddhist, a Jain a 'Hindu' [a derogatory term for one that is of the Sanatan Dharm ..."Hindu" a word coined by the British during their occupation of India] or of any religion at all to be able to utilize and benefit from these ancient mantras. The most devout Christian or Jew will [as to all that I know of] experience and receive the same result as anyone else...although I do have my doubts about those that openly worship any entity of 'The Darkness, lies and death'... as I'm pretty certain it would be most injurious to them...if not their outright death.

{ps... if you are suffering from 'nightmares' as you describe... I recommend getting some Kosher Salt and sprinkle some under your bed ... between the boxspring and mattress too if you are so equipped with one. Then make an unbroken circle of Kosher Salt around the bed [if that is too much salt or you have other reasons for not wanting to do so...for instance, you might be embarrassed in front of room mates or don't want to have to explain it to some authority figure... do the best you can...a lightly scribed circle is better than none at all this while reciting names of God. I recommend two that shouldn't offend someone that follows Jesus. They are in ancient Sanskrit. Sat Nam [[[Truth]] is GODS' name] and Prema Nam [[[Love]] is GODS' name].
For extra protection dilute some Kosher salt in water in a clean spray bottle and spray from the back of the room out the door...just as if you were sweeping the dirt from the ceilings, walls and floors without back tracking while reciting these names of GOD. This will ensure that any 'presence' [s] of undesirable natures or allegiances are removed from the entire bedroom...or the entire house/apt. if you're that ambitious/serious/perturbed/infested/ suspicious...
I always say OM before any incantation/prayer/mantra et al. and finish with the same... it prevents the incantation from being 'undone' by entities that have the knowledge and power to do so. Nothing can undo or touch the bija, OM as it is one with the Eternal Light, it is the LOGOS, it is GODS WORD INVIOLATE.