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Trailokya Wrathful Vidyaraja Recitation Ritual Commentary

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Trailokya Wrathful Vidyaraja Recitation Ritual Commentary
(Still a bit strange is some places, but finished for now. It is an interesting Homa ritual manual from the Yoga Tantra Varjasekhara text cycle.)
Translated by Chris Bogert
No. 1210
Trailokya Wrathful Vidyaraja Recitation Ritual Commentary
Translated by Amoghavajra

At that time all the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and all the wise people in the present world, benefited all sentient beings. Then for the purpose of those not following the correct dharma, defilements and the demons that take and ruin the land of sentient beings, Aksyobha Samantabadra took a deep broad extremely profound vow, therefore revealing his wrathful form. Then addressing the Buddha said, “I am the mantra that in the mundane world is extremely rare. All tathagatas, incure to listen very well to the explanation of this mantra. We should protect all of the Buddhas doctrines that benefits all sentient beings.”

At that time the Buddha replied saying, “Excellent, excellent wrathful king. To you we will listen very well to the explanation of the Forcing into Submission mantra.” Then at that time he showed to them his manifestation with four faces and eight arms, an evil wrathful form. He explained the mantra verse of praise, saying this mantra:

Om samba nisamba hum gr.had gr.had hum gr.had pana hum ananokoku bhaṅga varja hum phat.

At that time Samantabhadra universally explained the mantra and then the triple-thousand great one- thousand worlds shook in six ways down to the Deva Mara demon realm in which sentient beings who as they arise are harmed. All fearing they cannot obtain peace of mind, each ran and gathered together, and they addressed the wrathful lord saying, “We only desire your kind mindfulness causing us to not be fearful.” At that time the wrathful king caused them all to obtain peace and comfort, then raised up his right leg to tread down on Mahêśvara the Mara King. Under his left foot he tread down on Mara's wife. In the land of sentient beings all were caused to obtain joy. Recite this mantra one time, then the countless and limitless mara realms each the reason for the suffering and fevered sicknesses for practitioners, for some obstructions arise and for some they cannot obtain opportunities. Becoming a practitioner, servant up to (removing) obstructions. The practitioner suitably must protecting the three activities inside and out, they also should suppress the barrier, then seal the five locus of the body. Do this binding ritual then you may see within the Vajra pinnacle yoga teachings, which cannot again be translated. Again it is not necessary to do all binding Dharma mudras. All power is verified completely in this mantra, futhermore there is no other mantra. If there are those who desire to practice this mantra, face east with an image of the wrathful lord in front of your seat. The conception of yourself is created non-different from the main object of veneration, the wrathful king. Then purify the three activities saying hum three times then rest in the dharmadhatu. Then the two hands solidly bound are offered above the forehead, turning to the left and right three times then accomplish the suppression of the barrier. Next pay close attention to the gesture of joining one's palms and putting them to the breast as an expression of reverent worship of the wrathful lord and all the holy crowd.

If you have the desire to force into submission all evil people, create a triangular fireplace platform turned to the south. Take the evil (as) wood and with one recitation burn one stick. A full three hundred and twenty four times. The evil people by yourself are forced into submission and arise to take refuge.

Also for those who desire to make evil people sick, create a regulated platform reciting the root mantra one thousand and eighty times. Burn red and black, two kinds of mustard seed, one thousand and eighty seeds. With one recitation, burn one seed. Between mantra phrases say the family names of the evil people. Then wash away the long sickness and undying cessation.

If there are those who desire to remove sickness. Create a the prevention of disasters and calamities platform facing east. Burn one thousand grains of white rice, and with one mantra, burn one between mantra verses. Safely remove sickness from the building and calm the sickness, submit to the Buddha Dharma not having any differences, the mind like this branch of a tree.

If you desire to suddenly extinguish evil people. In a stove place the form of the evil person's family names and with an evil mind chant the mantra one hundred and eight times. With sand strike the evil person (in the form of the name) burning them, then they will die. If you desire to quickly revive them, face the wrathful king and with a compassionate mind recite one hundred and eight times not exceeding that, then revive them again unbroken.

If there are those who wish to dominate an army of soldiers. Take one hundred and eight pieces of fragrant flowering tree and recite the mantra burning them. Then even if the opposite is a demon army you will immediately succeed. Also you must (have) five grains and five aromas. If there is no one in accordance with this, vexation will not be obtained.

If there are those who wish to enter the mountains and forests and not meet evil birds and beasts or poisonous bugs, with two hands clasped grasp with the knuckles a stone, saying the mantra twenty- seven times. Strike by throwing it in front of you on the path. Even if all birds, beasts and poisonous bugs are all forced into submission there dare not exist a harmful mind.

If there are those who desire to incur (to be) a beloved countries king or high minister. Create a beloved platform stove to burn one hundred and eight chrysanthemum roots. With one mantra, one is burned, one then that beloved self comes.

If there are those who desire to cross over to help seriously ill people. Face the front of the image, and say the mantra with fragrant water one hundred and eight times. Quickly take a pinch (of water) and put it into the ill persons lower stomach and heart, then they will awaken and arise.

If there are those who desire to stop mental illness. Take dragon water then say the mantra one hundred and eight times, wash their two eyes, mouth, tongue etc.. this will spontaneously extinguish the mental illness and they will not get other sicknesses.

If you desire to bind a man and woman causing the question to be clearly stated in one phrase, take mulberry and pomegranate tree one jyo and two shaku in length and empower it ten thousand times. In that way after distinguishing the locus, with one mantra strike once. Strike the person in the twenty seven places. Then the myriad affairs in accordance with questions all will be clearly expressed in speech, then their thoughts will arrange, incurring to liberate the bonds.

If the practitioner repeatedly practices this dharma of a time of forty-nine days. They should eliminate the five grains of a salty taste, single mindedly with no remainder fully say the mantra one hundred thousand times. At that time the main object of veneration will manifest his form creating the great evil scary demon body to test the yield of the practitioners mind. At that time be careful not to arise, scatter this, arise then that completes the ritual.

At that time the wrathful king explained this mantra, then all the Deva Mara's demons universally were all greatly forced into submission and having confidence took refuge in the Buddhist path. Each created to protect practitioners. Next the undo the barrier and leave the bodhimanda and according to one's wishes read the prajna sutras and other scriptures.

Trailokya Wrathful Vidyaraja Recitation Ritual Commentary

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