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The nāga kings

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Then the Nāga King Sāgara and the Nāga King Śataraśmi??? pressed the palms of their raised hands together in homage towards the Blessed One, and said this to him: Blessed One, our great protective formula called ‘wish-fulfilling jewel’ turns away all lightning, drives away all forms of untimely death, counteracts all types of poison, and when there is any threat from gshed byed, byad, zombies (vetāḍa), or inauspicious [events], Blessed One, we will issue forth from this Nāga realm, and, in order to cast off envy, we will meditate on compassion, and ???? For what reasons? Blessed One, we the nāgas have envious minds, and are driven by envy. Blessed One, Sir: be informed that if a man or a woman recites the phrases of this mantra with their tongue, or writes it down in letters, they will not encounter any danger from lightning. They will not die an untimely death from ‘root poison’, mche ba'i dug, dbyig dug, any other kind of poison ???. Be secure from all dangers, from all harm!

The Blessed One then said ‘it is well’ (sādhu) to Śakra, Brahmā, the World Guardians, the Lords of the Nāgas:
Auspicious-faced ones (bhadramukha)! You are acting for the benefit of the many, for the happiness of the many (bahujana hitāya bahujana sukhāya): in order to retain/remember this dharmaparyāya the expostion of the phrases of the Drāṃidāmantra is good, it is good. In all place one will be protectin from gnyid log pa myos pa and rab tu myos pa.

When the Blessed One had said this, the monks, Śakra, Brahmā, the World Guardians, and the Nāga Lords, as well the world with its gods, humans, asuras, and gandharvas, were delighted, and praise the Blessed One’s teaching highly.

Dvr tib Kg gzuṅs ’du e 275a4 - 7

de nas klu'i rgyal po rgya mtsho dang | klu'i rgyal po 'od zer brgya pas bcom ldan 'das ga (5) la ba de logs su thal mo sbyar ba btud de | bcom ldan 'das la 'di skad ces gsol to ||
Dvr eng

bcom ldan 'das bdag cag gi srung ba chen po yid bzhin gyi nor bu zhes bgyi ba | glog thams cad zlog pa | dus ma lags par 'gum (6) pa thams cad sel ba | dug rnams mi sdug Template:Dug? par bgyid pa | gshed byed dang | byad dang | ro langs dang | bkra mi shis pa 'jig par bgyid pa mchis na | bcom ldan 'das bdag cag klu'i skye gnas 'di nas dbyung (7) ba dang | ser sna spang ba'i slad du thugs brtse bar dgongs te de bzhes su gsol | de ci'i slad du zhe na | bcom ldan 'das bdag cag klu rnams ni sems ser sna can te | sems ser snas kun nas dkris pa lags pa'i slad (b1) du'o ||

tadya thā | ar dze | a ma re | amṛ te | akṣa ye | puṇya paryā ba te | sarba pā pa pra śa ma nā ya svā hā | ārya pu ṇya so pa kī ye svā hā |
tadyathā | ardze | amare | amṛte | akṣaye | puṇyaparyābate | sarbapāpapraśamanāya svāhā | āryapuṇya so pa kī ye svāhā |
btsun pa bcom ldan 'das gsang sngags gzhi 'di dag skyes pa'am | (2) bud med gang la la'i lce la 'don tam | yi ger bris pa de la glog gi 'jigs pa thams cad ma mchis par rig par bgyi'o ||

rtsa ba'i dug gam | mche ba'i dug gam | dbyig dug gam | gang dag gzhan yang yan lags las (3) byung ba'i dug de dag gis de 'gum pa'i dus bgyid par mi 'gyur ro || bdag 'jigs pa thams cad dang | gnod pa thams cad las bde legs su gyur cig |

de nas bcom ldan 'das kyis brgya byin dang | tshangs pa dang | 'jig (4) rten skyong ba dang | klu'i bdag po de dag la legs so zhes bya ba byin te | bzhin bzangs dag khyod skye bo mang po la phan pa dang | skye bo mang po la bde ba'i phyir zhugs te | chos kyi rnam grangs 'di rjes su gzung ba'i phyir 'gro lding ba'i gsang (5) sngags kyi tshig rnams bshad pa legs so legs so || phyogs pa rnams na gnyid log pa dang | myos pa dang | rab tu myos pa rnams bsrung bar 'gyur ro ||

bcom ldan 'das kyis de skad ces bka' stsal nas | dge slong de dag (6) dang | brgya byin dang | tshangs pa dang | 'jig rten skyong ba de dag dang | klu'i dbang po de dag dang | lha dang | mi dang | lha ma yin dang | dri zar bcas pa'i 'jig rten yi rangs te | bcom ldan 'das kyis gsungs pa la mngon par bstod (7) do| |