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The Practice of the Mantra of Vajrapani

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 The Practice of the Mantra of Vajrapani

Within this article is hidden a great celestial secret; those who are able to perceive it have a spiritual connection, and those who do not perceive it do not.

Within this article is hidden a great mystery which holds the secret to all Tantric teachings. Anyone who is willing to practise this method is truly blessed.

Someone asked me, Who is Vajrapani?

I replied, Only I can answer you.

How pompous of you!

I am not being boastful. I truly know the answer.

Dont other practitioners know?

If you have not attained the spiritual state, you wont really know. I laughed heartedly.

Today, should anyone ask me who Vajrapani really is, I will put the same question to the person, Who is Vajrapani?

Someone told me that Vajrapani is Vajra Heart Bodhisattva (Mahasthamaprepta).

Someone told me that Vajrapani is Buddha Vairocana.

Someone told me that Vajrapani is Samantabhadra Bodhisattva.

Someone told me that Vajrapani is Tailokyavijaya.

Someone told me that Vajrapani is Vajrasattva.

Today, let me reveal to you who Vajrapani really is. Vajrapani ranks among the eight major bodhisattvas and stands as the Vajra Holder, Lord of Secrets. As his identity is the Lord of Secrets, few truly know who he is. Accounts of his identity as described in the Tantric scriptures are vague. It is stated that when Vairocana was residing in the great Diamond Mandala, he entered into the Great Absorption of the Samadhi of Samantabhadra and manifested a great, round, moon-like light, the body of Vajrapani. This light is the perfect bodhi heart seal.

Amidst the moonlight is seen a glowing vajra. As a result of this supernatural transformation, it can be concluded that Vajrapani is the combined essence of Samantabhadra and Vajrasattva.

Vajrapani is considered to be the supreme dharma prince of all Tathagatas, the very bodhicitta of all Tathagatas. He is thus the very supreme master of secrecy of all Tathagatas, hence the title, the Vajra Holder, Lord of Secrets. He is depicted with his right hand brandishing a vajra sceptre. His left hand, extended to the hip, displays a fist or holds a bell. His right hand, which brandishes a vajra, is held close to his heart.

Okay. Who then is Vajrapani? Is he Vairocana? Samantabhadra? Vajrasattva? Vajra Heart Bodhisattva? Tailokyavijaya? Well, he is all of them, yet he is not. Let me keep the suspense for another minute.

Just look at my dharma form. I wear a five-buddha crown, which represents the five buddhas abiding above my head. My left hand holds a vajra bell and my right hand holds a vajra scepter. I wear a dharma robe and sit on a lotus throne. Now turn to the dharma form of the Vajra Holder, Lord of Secrets. His right hand holds a vajra and his left, a bellh his head adorned with a vajra crown. The central Vairocana Buddha and the respective buddhas of north, east, south and west all make their appearance.

So who is this Vajrapani? Let me say this: All realized vajra masters are Vajrapani himself. Vajrapani is the bodhicitta of all buddhas. Mahasthamaprepta is the heart of wisdom. Vajrapani is the heart secret of all Tantric practitioners. Thus, Vajrapani is the Vajra Heart, the very heart of response between all buddhas, bodhisattvas and sentient beings.

I would boldly proclaim, `I am Vajrapani`, and then point my finger at you and say, `If you attain realization, you shall be Vajrapani`.

Thus, a Tantric master sees his heart as the heart of Vajrapani, and sees his form as the form of Vajrapani. With this perspective he propagates the teachings of Tantrayana. This is the true meaning of the Vajra Holder, Lord of Secrets, as seen through the dharma form of the Holy Red Crown Vajra Guru the Tantric Master Lian-sheng.

Here is a transmission of the Practice of the Vajrapani Mantra.

1. Form the Mudra of Vajrapani.

2. Visualize Vajrapani himself surrounded by a halo of white light.

3. Visualize a beam of white light radiating from the location of Vajrapani`s third eye towards the practitioner`s third eye.

4. Recite the mantra, OM VAJRASATTVA AH 108 times or 1080 times.

One approaches the practice by following the sadhana outlined in all Tantric practices. Working with mantra, mudra and visualization, entering into the great mandala, one finds oneself stepping into the Samadhi of Samantabhadra. Then one moves into the Samadhi of Vajrasattva. Upon entering it, one receives the empowerment blessings of the Buddha. At this stage, one attains the Infinite Dharani Gate of the Infinite States of Samadhi. As a result of this incomprehensible dharma power, one is transformed into Vajrapani.

This practice involves the transformation and manifestation of the vajra seed within the Alaya consciousness, for once the Tantric practitioner receives the spiritual current of the Five Wisdoms, he becomes Vajrapani himself.

Vajrapani, while residing within the moon disc of the heart, bestows blessings upon sentient beings with love by reciting the mantra: OM MAHA MAITRYI SPHARA.

Vajrapani, while residing within the moon disc of the heart, liberates sentient beings from their sufferings with compassion by reciting the mantra: OM MAHA KARUNAYA SPHARA

Vajrapani, while residing within the moon disc of the heart, transmits the dharma to sentient beings with joy to generate the heart of cultivation by reciting the mantra: OM SARVA SUDDHA PRAMODA SPHARA

Vajrapani, while residing within the moon disc of the heart, bestows bodhicitta upon sentient beings with equanimity by reciting the mantra: OM MAHOPEKSA SPHARA

During practice, the master recites each of the four mantras listed here 108 times as required by the dharma instruction. Depending on the wishes of sentient beings, the vajra master bestows upon them whatever is being requested. To be a true vajra master, one needs to abide in the state of samadhi and fulfil the requests and prayers of sentient beings by following the Tantric cultivation of Vajrapani.

The highest practice of Vajrapani enables one to see Vajrapani. One sees the brilliance of the buddha light, and if the Tantric practitioner should form a certain mudra, he or she would be able to remain hidden within the light and obtain complete freedom. Such accomplishment is certainly extraordinary.

Besides, when one enters into the state of samadhi and treats every affliction with mantras, one gains accomplishment in all Karma (action) Practices. Thus, one attains accomplishment in all states of samadhi, and all prayers and requests will naturally be answered.

Today, my elucidation of the great teaching of the Vajra Holder, Lord of Secrets, has been manifested from the Tathagata. These mantras are spoken by the throne holder. They are precious words. When sentient beings are faced with calamities, Vajrapani arrives to succour them. When one practises this teaching, all situations involving either possession by spirits, illness, family break ups, or major calamities will improve due to the merits of recitation. Otherwise, the individual should quickly seek the help from an authentic vajra master to help him out of his predicament.

Here is a verse in praise of Vajrapani:

From the buddha heart comes the dharma rain.
From the wisdom moon spread the compassion rays.
Vajrapani with his vajra scepter
Is indeed the Lord of Secrets.

Who is Vajrapani? He is the bodhicitta of all Tathagatas. When sentient beings put this into practice, they shall gain response with Vajrapani.