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The Initiation ritual of the Fierce Guru

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From the Treasury of Consciousness1 of the Heavenly Dharma, and among the profound Teachings of the Whisper Succession, this is the Initiation of the Fierce Guru, the most secret of the secret, the Four Inner Teachings condensed in one initiation ritual.
All the practice of the Initiation of the Fierce Guru (Padmasambhava) can be summarized into three performances.

(The preparations for the initiation by the guru:) Instantaneously one's self becomes the Fierce Guru, Red in color, with one face and two arms. In his right hand, he holds a vajra,

And in his left, he holds a scorpion2.

At the five parts of his body3 stand the five deities in armor. Upon the crown of his head there is a Garuda bird, the king of all creatures. His right arm embraces the Great Red Mother, And he sits on the cushion of the Sun-Lotus, which is covered with the corpse of a demon.

From the three places4 of the Father and Mother Buddha Shine forth infinite rays of light,
After they have shone on all sentient beings and blessed them, They invite the Wisdom Buddha to come down from above,

And all merge with him; thus the guru attains the Initiation. O. Ah Tsiga Nitsi Namobigawadi * H.. Au H.. Pai! The Front Arising Buddha [so named because arising through the power of the Ritual Vase in front of the candidate], the Fierce Guru, red in color, Has one face and two arms.

In his right hand is the vajra, in his left the scorpion. All the wrathful adornments are complete on him. At the five places are fixed five Skull-Rosary Holders of the Fierce Buddha5; And in his heart-center stand the five gods with armor bright. On the top of his head stands a Garuda bird, the king of all creatures. In his arms, he holds the Red Mother.

He is the only director of the four inheritances6, the wrathful one. In all the corners and directions stand the ten wrathful ones. In the four directions are manifest the Four Great Kings. In his heart-center appears a thunderbolt-grasping Buddha, Also holding the Heavenly-Iron-Made wheel of many spokes. From the center of the wheel shines the red word H.m. The main incantation encircles the H.m word. The seeds of the retinue deities, together with the red H.m word,

Radiate the great beams of light which invite the initiation Buddhas to descend. For this one should render offerings, obeisance, and praise. O. Ah Tsi Ne Tsi Name Babawadi H.. Ah Pai, Ba-tsa H.. Yauga H..! (And then repeat the foregoing prayer once more.) The Front Arising Buddha… [A gap in the manuscript here.] All the grace and blessing of the Buddhas are embodied in the Front Vase [which helps concentrate the power of the Gtor-ma as a Leyden-jar type of receptacle].
O. Ah H.. Ahtsi Gani Gana moBagawadi H.. Pai. Au H.. Pai

The Gtor-ma instantaneously becomes the Fierce Guru, With three faces and six arms.
The right face is white, the left blue.
Beneath is the curved knife, the skull and blood. The vajra and the scorpion are in the two lower arms; In his hands, he also holds the sword and the stick. His body glows red as the burning flame.
The Six Ornaments adorn him.

He stretches one foot and bends the other; The two feet are spread wide apart.
The five Lotus-born deities remain at the five places. His left arm hugs the Blue Mother-Buddha. From her heart the seed-word radiates beams of light, Through which the Wisdom Buddha is invited to descend. O. Ah H.. Hre Ahtsi Nitsi Ganamobagawadi H.. H.. Pai Ah H.. H.. Pai. Ba-tsa H.. Yagha H.. Ragsha H...

(Toward the Front Vase and Gtor-ma one should practice the initiation incantation, repeating as aforesaid. Perform the eight offerings7.) O. Ah H.. Guru Dasasariwa Ra Ahmarda Banemta Gagta Kahe Ah Gm… H..! Subdue all beings in the Three Kingdoms. He is the Vajra, Victor over female demons, the Bhagavad, Standing in a black-red blazing flame.
He has three eyes, wide open, angry!
His two feet, far apart as in running, trampl

e the corpse of the female demon; To the scorpion holder, the Fierce Guru, I render obeisance and praise. (Then the disciples perform the Cleansing Ritual8 and the Mandala Offering.) Now, I am going to relate to you a brief history of this initiation. In the Pure Land of Aog-min resided the Buddha All-Perfect9with the five Divisional Buddhas and infinite Bodhisattvas encircling him. Before Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, Buddha All-Perfect urged Buddha Amida to preach the Tantra of the Fierce Guru, called the Origin of the Light, and to preach also the Tantra of Expelling the Spirit of the Prideful One. Immediately all the devils of disease, non-men demons, and MaSran demons became fiercely angry. They raised the Eight-Divisional Demonic Forces as a sweeping storm. Thereupon Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara went before the Lotus-Born Guru (Padmasambhava) and urged him, saying:

"This is the time to subdue the Eight Divisions of Demons in this world. This is the time for you the Fierce Guru to display your miracle powers." Thereupon the Lotus-Born transformed himself into the body of the Fierce Guru. (He cried:)
".ri! This is the roaring voice of the Great Powerful One! I now conquer you, the Eight-Divisional Demons!" [i.e. the demons of the eight divisions of space.]
(By his saying this all demons were conquered.) "After the subjugation—Samaya H.. Pai!"

(Thus the demons were commanded to observe the precepts.) "I am the combined body of all Buddhas, the Wrathful One! Who else is more powerful than I?
All the potentialities of the Tathagatas converge in me. I am the most powerful of the forceful ones. What I desire is the hearts of the Eight-Divisional Demons! What I like to eat and drink is their flesh and blood!" With fiery anger he wrenched out the hearts of all the Eight-Divisional Demons, and crushed them on the plain. Afterward he revived them and said: "When hungry I am the being who eats the flesh of the male demons. When thirsty, I drink the blood of the she-demons. When active, I tear the doublesexed demons to pieces."
After saying this, he ate all the hearts of the Eight Divisional Demons who had committed sinful deeds. At the time of eclipse, he collected all the sinful flesh and blood of the demons into a huge heap as a sacrificial food to benefit the scorpions10 and ate them all. Thereupon, the Eight-Divisional Demons called for help and begged for forgiveness. Then he agreed that at every eclipse time he would
provide blood and flesh to the Eight-Divisional demons in the Three Regions, and thereby prohibited them from killing sentient beings.

In order to prevent them from further slaughter, he gave them the Krum Ga11, the Chief Mandala's food [Note the personification of the mandala). Whoever among the demons should break the rules, he declared, would be punished and offered as sacrificial food to the numerous scorpions. Thereupon, all demons assembled together to witness the flesh-adornment. Those who had broken the rules were sent as sacrificial food to the scorpions. The offenders all cried and begged for mercy, but to no avail. They became frenzied and howled loudly; but they had no choice but to walk toward their destiny. The Eight-Divisional Demons then brought the moonlight, presented it to the fire by holding Dagiratsa fast, and then offered it to the Krum-Ga Principal Mandala as sacrificial food to the assembly12. At the Four Relative Times13, the Eight-Divisional Demons all assembled together by order of the Wrathful One. The Wrathful One then asked: "Who has committed sinful deeds? Who has afflicted the sentient beings? Who has troubled the servants of Buddhist temples? Who has offended the precepts? Who has violated my rules?"

He then looked at the faces of the demons; those who had cheated him, he tore apart. He uttered the Main Incantation14 of Hayagriva15 and wielded his mental power of Thunderbolt Holder (Vajrahetu) to cut the demons into pieces and to put all the demons who had damaged the Buddhist religion into the Fire Sacrifice as an offering to be burned. The troublemakers and those who had impeded the cause of Dharma—these he made living sacrificial food for the scorpions.
As for all those who afflicted the servants of the temple, he used his Wheel to cut them up and his weapons to chop them into pieces. All the sinful demons who had harmed sentient beings became food for the scorpions. Thus he subdued all the Eight Divisions of Demons. He bound them to the precepts, admonished them not to harm any Buddhist and not to incite any kind of trouble. He also ordered them to assist the servants of the temples: on the tenth of every month, they should come before the Fierce Guru and attend the Congregation of the Sacred Offering16, help to set in motion the Wheel of Dharma; and for the benefit of sentient beings they should fight against those demons who make harm.

The Fierce Guru then said:

"Oh! you pitiful demons! Now, I safeguard you. Though you are the lokas of Ghost,
Eventually you will all become the Great Blissful Body; You will all become the perfect Buddha."

This is stated in the Tantra of the Blood-Drinking Wrathful One, Drag-b’og’rag- atung-rol-b’ah-rgyud. Though there are many different Treasures (sacred or revealed books) and lineages of the teaching of the Fierce Guru, this one belongs to the Whisper Succession of the Heavenly Dharma Treasury. As said in the Sutra of the Fountain of the Noble Dharma: "The Bodhisattvas, the perfect Bodhisattvas, are able to procure abundant hidden teachings from the walls, woods, caves, and from Heaven Circles, even at a time when Buddha is no longer in the world." The Incarnation of Buddha [in the Tibetan youth] Mi-gyur-rdo-rje was a demon-subduer; this was prophesied in many Treasury Dharmas. When he was thirteen years old,
in the Black month of the Fowl year, he saw the Fierce Guru appear in the forest many times. The Fierce Guru himself conferred the Tantra instructions and practice, together with the various teachings necessary to the Incarnation of Buddha. Therefore this teaching has the advantage of being a near-succession one17 and of possessing an unusual benevolent power (grace). In comparison with other teachings, the teaching of the Fierce Guru is an easier and faster way to attain the Siddhis (yogic accomplishments) and Signs18, as said in the Tantra of the Fierce Act (Drag-b’o prang-lashi-rgyud): "This teaching is greater than others; the Accomplishments and Signs are also greater.

If one practices this teaching for seven days, no doubt he will attain both the Common and Superior Accomplishments19." If one recites ten thousand times the Main Incantations' Inner Narration, he will be immune from sickness; if one recites it only one hundred times, he will subdue the Ghost20; if one recites it two hundred thousand times, he will become a gem-likeBrgyal-bseng, enlightened Master. For those well-gifted ones, only one hundred recitations will bring all the Eight Kinds of Demons to bow before them; they shall wear the war dress and subjugate all evils; they shall have faith and practice devotions continually. These various accomplishments are pledged as stated in the aforementioned Tantra.