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A Shaman is an individual, female or male, with the ability to communicate with the unseen as well as the seen. A Seer is easy to understand by simply looking at the word - See-er - someone who sees - usually more than others.

A Sage is an individual with access to the Ancient Knowledge, Wisdom and Medicine. Although all have access, few remember this fact, which leads into the reason for this particular blog. Why seek a Shaman-Seer-Sage? If all have access, why not do for yourself? Why not indeed?

In this wonderful world, there are many amazing individuals who simply do not remember. Do not remember the Ancient Ways, do not remember there even were Ancient Ways. Many believe if they are ancient, they are not longer of use, outdated, but this is not so. The Ancient Ways are the guidelines for living as human beings.

These guidelines were created according to the unigue design of humans and the spirit within the manifested human body. In other words, humans haven't changed all that much, the world has, but not humans. We are the same. Therefore, the guidelines for living this human life still apply, regardless of how the world around us has changed and continues to change.

These guidelines refer to how the human body functions best physically and how the human can best function emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and mentally. So the purpose of seeking out a Shaman-Seer-Sage is to have access to information you have forgotten and using that information to fully live your life.

In addition to receiving information, you also have the advantage of using the Shaman's life force energy as a sanctuary in which to make the changes you desire. Not all healers have this ability.

Many healers simply use energy to heal an individual then walk away leaving the individual to complete the change. The Shaman does not walk away. You are held within her or his life force energy, fully protected and nurtured. Many folks live very stressful, busy lives and having this sanctuary is vitally important if they are to heal and possibly recreate their own life.

The Shaman(Seer-Sage) is devoted to each individual but in a detached, healthy manner. As a Shaman-Seer-Sage myself, I look forward to the day when an individual I am working with steps up and says 'I can do it myself.' 'I can heal myself. I can recreate my own life.'

These words are words of joy to me. The fact that an individual I have worked with maybe for weeks or months, has the strength and courage to step out of my sanctuary and into their own means I have succeeded.

I have no need or desire for followers, I do however have the passion and desire to do all I can to help another live life according to their own heart. The AncientWisdom, knowledge and medicine is remembered by each individual that works with me.

Many have come to believe this work that I do, and others like me do, should be free of charge. This is not correct. The Shamans, Seers and Sages have always been supported by the community, and although the type of support may have changed, dollars instead of horses or chickens, support, in present day - monetary support - is still appropriate.

We have to eat and pay our bills just like you do, and our devotion and 'time' spent on the job and preparing for the job is the same as you regardless of your occupation.

So seek out a Shaman, Seer, Sage and release your trauma, remember the Ancient Ways and live your life as fully as you possibly can. (Yes, we heal trauma, that's our main job for if we do not heal trauma, you can not be free to live your life.