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Dancing outside the Line

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Tantra is an artform........ Practicing tantrics recognize and call on the power of our Universe......

Tantric practice is not a tool to use for selfish gratification, on the contrary. Tantra worship connects you to life.

Living a Hindus lifestyle requires your understanding ain't always about you!

In fact it's about us all. Tantra is just one form of practicing that conceptional vision.

I have drawn our Chakra's in female Shakti representation...

Each Chakra can either be depicted in God or Goddess formation.

Each houses his/her own energy within the Chakra's the energy poles aligned within our bodies.

We call them God or Goddess as a form of reverence to a one universal spirit/energy/knowledge.

It is the awakening of these Chakra's which helps to lead you into the beyond...

The Chakra's presented in Goddess form

Dakini First Chakra Base Anus

I chose goddess(Shakti) formation to explain the illumination of our chakras First chakra, base anus.

Representation raw basic, uncontrolled instincts. This is the undisciplined nature of man.

Dakini is primeval. She has a whip and her hands are covered in blood.

Symbol: the cube representing all diverse forces of nature firmly controlled by the power of Dakini.

Color: nasty greenish-yellow such as that as fecal matter.

Emotion: Sullen resentful anger being at the mercy of forces beyond your control.

Element: Earth being newly formed from the turmoil of creation.

Sound: Deep dark heavy drums.

Jumbled frenzied sound.

The mantra associated to Dakini is LAM vibrating deep within the upper legs and anus.

Animal: Berserk elephant out of control, and in a mad frenzy.

Material: Boiling and churning Sulphuric. Raw, red, and heated.

Pain is the threshold of this chakra.

Texture: Slimy, greasy, greenish-yellow, mucus.

Smell: A stench beyond imagination.

Taste: Raw Rotten egg yolk reaching into your mouth and down your throat.

Goddess: Dakini all-powerful yet to have her under control she must have her dual opposite Shiva.

She tries to contain her emotions waiting for him.

Rakini Second Chakra Pelvis Chakra

Second Chakra pelvis sex chakra.

The basic principle of the illumination of this chakra is the feeding and the overcoming of our sexual behavioral hungers.

This energy will NOT be denied!

This is where our suspicions and mis trustful natures come into play.

Symbol: The horns of a new moon.

The tips pointed upward represents the female within her frustration lusting for a lover.

Color: Vermilion-brilliant orange-red. Virgin blood seeping from the yoni.

The anger of a person who has been cheated.

Emotion: This chakra is that of one in heat male and female, hot, lusting, nymphomania.

It also shadows suspicion and mis-trustfulness due to the sexual urges of man.

Element: Water such as that created by furious copulation.

Sound: An angry sea pounding, over, and over against the beach.

It is the sound of bodies grinding hard and deep a sound beyond comprehension and rational self control.

Mantric sound is VAM.

Animal: A hungry female spider waiting, watching, for the male who will impregnate her.

She is the forceful sexual nature of women demanding their sexual appetites be fed. Material: Hard rock salt.

A long beautiful crystal it's opposite is water which melts it away.

It is in every living thing, and is need by every living thing.

Texture: Damp sensitized skin. Sexual hunger that which is derived from being denied pleasure.

Moist, wet, hungry. Smell: Bad fish.

The smell of raw lust, dried semen entwined with sweat.

Taste: Salty, mucus that is thick in the back of your throat.

The feeling of being stuffed and ready to regurgitate.

The taste of fulfilled lust.

Goddess: Rakini strong, and very very female.

Her skin is inviting, she is a woman ready for reproduction.

She is on a lustful rampage.

But Beware this goddess carries destruction. For if this natural, instinctive nature is not satisfied she will destroy anything that crosses her path.

Lakini Third Chakra Navel Chakra

Third chakra navel the minds first efforts to gain control of the body.

The previous two chakras were the bodies uncontrollable desires, raw, lust.

Symbol: Triangle point being upward.

The base of the triangle is the control your MIND thinks it has over the body.

The point is your primal emotions the ones we are very seldom able to keep in check.

For some trying to maintain a triangular shape is very difficult.

In the practices of Tantra (if you are aware) you are allowed to make your triangle as broad as you choose.

But, only through awareness is the control attainable.

Color: Blue and Yellow. Blue being spiritual awakenings, yellow reflective of your base instinctive behaviors.

Emotion: Possessiveness, jealousy, and aversion.

You feel as if you may never experience the primal desires of the two previous chakras again.

Within this chakra there is a desire to own the person who has fulfilled your sexual pleasures.

Element: Fire across water, with fire eventually overcoming water.

Your spiritual fire grows stronger when you can control your primitive natures.

Sound: Thunder the rhythm of primeval forces, mixed with primeval urges.

Mantra associated to this chakra is RAM which resonates deep within the chest and pelvis.

Animal: The Ram full of reproductive energy.

Material: Burnished copper. It is beautiful when polished.

This chakra is keeping the mind in control of the body IF YOU ARE DISCIPLINED!

Texture: Hard and vibrantly healthy in appearance skin. Firm, tight bodies which if not conditioned constantly falls into flabby muscle.

This chakra is disciplined control.

Smell: A slight smell or sweat on a newly bathed body.

Like that of someone who has worked and honest days work.

Taste: This chakra just like it's color carries two distinct opposites in taste.

Cold greasy fat, and sharp astringent rosemary. The two defining differences are to help you stand in awareness in order to maintain control over the body.

This control is to allow your spirit to grow.

Goddess: Lakini she is beautiful with dusky skin which promises sensual passion.

She is adorned with every jewel imaginable.

This goddess bares a third partially closed eye waiting to be pleased only if you can control her behaviors.

This chakra too houses a danger because just beneath her surface lies our uncontrolled passions.

Kakini Fourth Chakra Heart Chakra

Fourth Chakra heart chakra we have completed our lesson in the controlling of our primal urges.

We are now moving away from our desires and transforming energies into understanding the spirit within us.

Symbol: Hexagram. As you gaze into the hexagram it appears to be either two integrated triangles or six triangles fit together.

This represents energy being brought together and controlled.

Each individual section of the triangle is an aspect of our awareness.

All being sized the same creating balance within us.

Color: The perfection of our moving into the "I".

Which illuminates inward and shines as a light purple.

Emotion: Relief! A relief that is felt because we have overcome the baser energies of our lower chakras.

Element: Smoke which creates hot air that rises from the fire.

Through your experiences that is the fire, from the fire you gain strength and knowledge.

Sound: Bells being rung loud and strong.

Mantra association YAM. Animal: Antelope. One that is running free and enjoying the experience of life.

Material: Sapphire. It has a hard strong exterior which symbolizes perfection yet it carries a light blue color that represents your spirit and your understanding.

Texture: Is that of bone. As you rub your hand across bones you feel the grain yet, it also has a smooth surface.

This is your desire to be in the world and of the world.

Smell: That of fresh blood. It is faint yet this smell is one of great importance.

Why? For it is the release of our spiritual beings.

Taste: Dark, black, bitter chocolate. For the world can be cruel and bitter at times.

When you understand that in order to appreciate the sweet chocolate taste of life you must first bite into the bitter.

Goddess: Kakini she is attractive with olive skin and three old eyes that are all open equally.

She has seen the world and knows the world.

She has four hands one gesturing not to be afraid.

The second offers rewards of your wildest pleasures.

The third holds a whip reminding you not to stay focused on the sensual side of the world.

And the last holds a skull filled with the sweet wine of life but, you always remember that one day you will die. You are not immortal.

Shakini Fifth Chakra The Throat Chakra

Fifth chakra throat chakra. You believe at this point you are complete! You believe at this point you are balanced!

Or are you?

If you have reached this far in the illumination of your chakras, you have achieved more than most people achieve in a lifetime. You however are not complete.

You must now learn how to understand the death of your spirit. In order to achieve that full understanding you must first accept this fact.

That your spirit continues after the death of your body. You must reach down into your spirit in order to comprehend a higher level of that understanding.

Symbol: A circle in a flat plane. The circle of completion, as well as understanding. As you begin to notice you observe that it is a disk as well as a sphere. The sphere is an understanding beyond that of the disk.

You are striving for the knowledge and an understanding of the sphere. Color: Light yellow. This color of yellow reminds you of a lemon. Emotion: Understanding!

This chakra is your striving for a clearer understanding of the cycle of life. Understanding moving into the spiritual planes means you can never indulge in the physical pleasures again.

Letting go and knowing the bittersweet truth of living and dying. Element: Creation! Sound: A flute being played in an upward scale. The very sounds that manifest with the beginning of life.

Soothing, gentle, and reassuring. Sound that is to lead you upward and onward. Mantra association HAM.

Animal: The scared white elephant is standing alone but, is very alert. Material: Silver! A material that can be molded into many shapes.

Texture: The pleasure that derives from stroking corduroy.

Smell: Fresh lemons, combined with the scent of fresh pine trees. This is the smell of fresh new beginnings. Taste: Honey-sweetened lemons.

There is a hint of bitterness is present but, the lemons over power it. Goddess: Shakini. She is pale. She knows the world and everything in it.

This deities symbolizes is to drive you on. In one of her hands she holds a whip, if that fails she has in another hand a bow an arrow, and a noose to insure your continued movement. This goddess is to help you reach your highest of heights.