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Riwo Sang Chöt, “The Mountain of Burnt Offering”

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Riwo Sang Chöt, “The Mountain of Burnt Offering”, is a form of smoke offering made to all the Buddhas, Deities, Dharma Protectors and Dakinis. It was a terma teaching concealed by Guru Rinpoche in order to benefit the future generations. He gave explicit prophecies regarding the future manifestation of this sacred teaching, and accordingly, it was revealed by Terton Lhatsun Namkha Jigme.

This powerful puja enables participants to accumulate merits and blessings. It facilitates the purification of our bad karma, sicknesses and obstacles, paying off the karmic debts of our previous lives, as well as increasing wealth and life spans for our present and future lives.

It is of importance for one to pay respect to their ancestors or deceased loved ones before the Chinese Lunar New Year. With this in mind, our centre has arranged the Chenrezig Chang Chog Puja on 18th January 2011 (Tuesday).

  The Vajrakilaya Gutor is a ritual for pacifying negativities and eliminating obstacles of the current year for a smooth new year ahead.The ritual will be performed according to the Terma text of Terton Ratna Lingpa. During the ritual, there will be prayer sessions with tsok offerings. The Lamas will make a large Torma (in the form of Vajrakilaya) together with 46 retinue Tormas representing various sacred hand emblems for this particular event.At the end of the 3 days ritual, the Tormas will be burnt, symbolizing the purification of our obstacles and negativities.

  Amitayus Buddha (the Buddha of long life, merits and wisdom) is considered the Sambhogakaya aspect of the widely known Amitabha Buddha. The main practice of Amitayus is to prolong or extend one's lifespan. Longevity is seen as a contributing condition that will allow us more time and opportunity to practice the Dharma so that we can fulfill our true human potential - the achievement of ultimate happiness. It is therefore very important to do the Amitayus Long-life practice.The ritual of Lüd Tangwa is performed to eradicate untimely death due to obstacles caused by evil spirits & other negativities.

  On the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year, 2nd February at 10.30pm, our center will conduct the Sakyamuni prayers followed khatag (Tibetan silk scarves) offerings to the portrait of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche (the 11th Throne Holder of Palyul Lineage) and His Holiness Karma Kuchen Rinpoche (the 12th Throne Holder of Palyul Lineage).There will be a countdown session before the Khatag offering to welcome the year of Rabbit.

In order to welcome an auspicious new year that bring better achievement and prosperity to all, our centre will conduct the Twenty One Dzambala Puja on the 1st & 2nd day of the Chinese Lunar New Year

Gya Na Kar Thok prayer is done for clearing obstacles in relation with one's life for specific age of the year, like the age of 13, 25, 37 and so forth for every twelve years, where it is called "kar" in Tibetan. This is explained according to astrological calculation in the Tibetan tradition.

The benefits of Gya Na Kar Thok puja helps to clear one's obstacles in general and even specific way. It helps to smooth one's activity, obstacles get reversed and help to prevent one's from sickness. Normally things will be better for oneself during the year after doing the Gya Na Kar Thok puja.