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Petsheling Monastery

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Monastery in Chhumey, Bhutan

Padtselling Monastery. Like the great Bodhisattva Manjushri and Vairocana who lived for the welfare of all sentient beings, the highly accomplished master Namgyal Lhundup went to Lhasa and to vow before Jowo statue and started one billion recitations of Phagpa Zangpo Chodpai Monlam for the welfare of all sentient beings. A

t that time, the Jowo Statue spoke thus:

Son! Don’t be very ambitious
Go instead to the south
East of Kurje Lhakhang in Bumthang is a place
Make it your monastic seat
You will fulfil your dreams
Name it Jangchub Pelri.

East of Kurjey Lhakhang, this prophesied place is located atop a ridge and amidst forests where even tree branches bow as if to welcome all visitors. Wild flowers and medicinal herbs are common sight.

One particular flower, Dongdola blossoms both in summer and winter and fill the whole area with sweet fragrance, like offerings to gods and goddesses.

No wonder many birds including cuckoos make it their home and sing in praise of the monastery. The Monastery was built in 1769 with support from Trongsa Cjila and Jakar Dzongpon, Bhutan.

The First Padtselling Trulku, H.H. Drupthop Namgyal Lhundup ( 1718-1786)

He is the emanation of Palchen Dorji Zhonu, an accomplished master who after reciting Phagpa Zabgpo Chodpai Monlam one billion times before the Lhasa Jowe was prophesied to establish his monastic seat east of Kurji Lakhang in Bumthang.

He received all the treasure teaching of Dorji Sogdrup from Rigzin Drime Lingpa, Longchen Nyingthig teaching from Rigzin Jigme Lingpa and Drukpa Kajug from Je Nawang Drukpa (reign: 1724-1730) and Je Shkya Rinchen.

In brief, for the well being of all sentient beings, he subdued evil spirits, devils and zombies in Bhutan and Tibet. He discovered many treasures for the faithful lots in future.

With his spiritual power he brought victory to the Bhutanese side during the war between Dungsam Ja Drung (Bhutan) and Assam Raja whereby he saved the lives of many people.

Verse from Dremi Lingpai Dagnang Lama Thugi Nyingpo Chodag Lungten:

As many as twenty five future teachers bearing the names Geleg Thubten Lhundup Lhun, Ugyen etc., will appear in U, Tsang, Dagpo, Kongpo, Ngalor, Mon, in the upper and lower Dokham and Lhodrag by force of their karmic connections.

May the sublime teachings be passed onto them; by so doing will pacify all obstacles and hindrances in their mission?

Similarly, the following prophecy is mentioned in Chimi Dorji Sokdrub discovered at Yangdzong,

By destiny, a heart son of mine (Guru Rimpoche) will be born in U Tsang, Dagpo, Kongpo, Kham or Mon by the name Lhundup.

As mentioned in above prophecy the First Padtselling Trulku by the name H.H Namgyal Lhendup was born in Bhutan (Mon )

The Second Padtselling Trulku, H.H. Jigme Tenpai Gyaltshen ( 1788-1850)

He took the vow of genyen from Rigzin Jigme Lingpa and was given the name Jigme Tenpai Gyaltshen, thus became one of his heart sons.

Following the order of Rigzin Jigme Lingpa he studied under Jigme Kundrol and later Mendroling Dratshang. He built many temples, chortens, bridges and watermills etc across Bhutan.

The Third Padtselling Trulku, H.H. Jigme Droden Dorji (1853-1883)

His family belong to Jakar Dung, nobility descending from both Pema Lingpa (1450–1521) and Lhalung Pelki Dorji (8th century)

The Fourth Padtselling Trulku, H.H. Kunzang Thinlay Namgyal (1892-1957)

He continued the works of his predecessors; teaching the people and helping the sentient beings.

He served as the head lama of the first two successive kings of Bhutan: Ugyen Wangchuk (1862–1926) and Jigme Wangchuk (1905–1952) including Azhi and Dasho of Lam Pelri and Wangdicholing Collateral Houses etc.

At the end of his life, to benefit the poor and ordinary people, he promised to be born into a humble family in his next reincarnation.

The Fifth Padtselling Trulku, H.E Pema Kunzang Tenzin Gyamtsho (1960)

The fifth Padtselling Trulku, Pema Kuenzang Tenzin Gyamtsho, in keeping with his promise was born in 1960 at Bumthang Tang Namkhai Lhakhang to Binzaibi Choeje Thinley (descendant of Terchen Dorji Lingpa) and Jigme Lhamo, a very humbal family.

With the dawn of the Rat Year and an indication therewith that we the sentient beings are not diminished in merits, a reincarnation was born. Not knowing whether he was of a higher being or an ordinary child, he remained in the lap of his mother for three years.

Finally, when he was able to speak a little, the child expressed his desire to go the monastery. On meeting with his former treasurer, Sonam Dendup, the child, without having anybody to introduce him called the treasurer by name.

On reaching the Bathel pass, the deities and other celestial beings welcomed him. Similarly, on reaching Padtselling, there was a sea of tea and drinks waiting for him.

A little drop he took from them; a little drop he offered to his tutelary deities and yet another drop he offered to other protective deities ushering in an auspicious day for him to take care of the monastery thereafter....Lopen Gonpo Tenzin

Soon after he began to speak as a child, he uttered the name of his predecessor Kunzang Thinlay Namgyal and claimed to be his reincarnation. He also proclaimed Jangchub Pelri to be his seat and insisted on going there.

The child was referred to the Sixteenth Karmapa Rangjung Rigpai Dorji (1924–1981) to confirm the reincarnation of Padtselling Trulku. After the Karmapa’s confirmation, the child was accorded a formal recognition, and given the name Karma Choki Gyaltshen.

He was taken to the monastery at the age of five where, Jurme Thegchog Tenpai Gyaltshen, the tenth heart son of Pema Lingpa, enthroned him, and named him Pema Kunzang Tenzin Gyamtsho.

In the year 1970 he went to Punakha, the seat of the Central Monastic Body of Bhutan, to present his first hair cut to Nyinzer Chogtrul Rimpochhe,

Thinley Lhuendrub, the 67th Je Khenpo of Bhutan and reincarnation of Ngagchang Wookpa Lingpa. To mark the ceremony, he was given a third name Tenzin Gyamtsho.

When he was fifteen, he joined the Tango Buddhist College, the meditation place of Phajo Drukgom Zhigpo which was then headed by Geshe Gedhuen Rinchen, the 69th Je Khenpo of Bhutan and the reincarnation of Tertoen Sogyal.

Later he frequently visited Khyentse Dorji Chang H.H Jurme Thegchen Tenpai Gyaltshen, The Delgo Khentsey Rinpoche and received teachings on Nyingma Kater Dagnang, teachings of the former master,

the Dremid Lingpa lineage which included Chime Longsel Dorji Sokdrub and Ratphur initiation and empowerment, until his death.

His other learning include instructions on Nyingthig Yabzhi, Kagyur Jaglung, Longchen Dzod Dun (Seven Treasures of Longchen Rabjam), Nyingma Gyud Bum (The Hundred Thousand Tantras of the Nyingma School), practice of Tsalung Rigzin Thrulkhor, Khyentse Gongter,

initiation and instructions on Dralha Gesar Tathub Karpo, commentary on Ngondro and gongter of Kyabje Rimpoche and all dam ngag (pit instructions).


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