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Emptiness is not non-conceptuality

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 Emptiness is not a state, and not a state of non-conceptuality, it is the fact that self and things do not have any inherent existence. And emptiness realization is about having a direct realization that removes that very specific misunderstanding that there is inherent existence. As I said many times, dissolving all concepts is Not the same as emptiness realization.

This is the root of your confusion driving this whole discussion. And this is why you failed to understand that the Sufis do not, and never, realised emptiness (as in Buddhist emptiness, not their own definition of 'nothingness'/'void' etc).

I am familiar with 'surrender'. It has nothing to do with emptiness.

When you said "Emptiness is a side effect of the fire , everything burns up in it. ", I know you have completely misunderstood it. Emptiness is not a state, emptiness is not about a state of dissolving concepts and notions, emptiness is not an effect or fruition.

"At this juncture, it is necessary to have clarity on what Emptiness is not to prevent misunderstandings:

Emptiness is not a substance
Emptiness is not a substratum or background
Emptiness is not light
Emptiness is not consciousness or awareness
Emptiness is not the Absolute
Emptiness does not exist on its own
Objects do not consist of emptiness
Objects do not arise from emptiness
Emptiness of the "I" does not negate the "I"
Emptiness is not the feeling that results when no objects are appearing to the mind
Meditating on emptiness does not consist of quieting the mind

Source: Non-Dual Emptiness Teaching
And I would like to add,

Emptiness is not a path of practice
Emptiness is not a form of fruition

Emptiness is the 'nature' of all experiences. There is nothing to attain or practice. What we have to realize is this empty nature, this ‘ungraspability’, ‘unlocatability ’ and ‘interconnectedness’ nature of all vivid arising. Emptiness will reveal that not only is there no ‘who’ in pristine awareness, there is no ‘where’ and ‘when’. Be it ‘I’, ‘Here’ or ’Now’, all are simply impressions that dependently originate in accordance with the principle of conditionality."

 Emptiness realization has nothing to do with non-conceptuality, it has nothing to do with "dissolving the mind" or "entering into a state of nothingness". It is about seeing through the specific misconception of inherent existence through direct realisation of the nature of everything (self and phenomena) as being empty of any inherent existence, everything as being interdependently originated.

Emptiness is the nature of everything, and emptiness realization is to realize self and phenomena to be empty of any inherent/independent existence. For example the "weather" is empty of any core to be pinned down being a mere label/convention/imputation collating the various everchanging phenomena of clouds forming and parting, wind blowing, etc without any core, inherent essence, or a real existence that can be established or pinned down... self is this way, cars are this way, weather, mountains, earth, universe, etc are all this way. And everything being interdependently co-arisen is without any core or substance anywhere, only co-arising all and everywhere, coreless and illusory.

And again, everything, including mind, everyone, and everything, are empty of inherent existence. It does not mean you cannot speak out your own understanding, for example when you know for a fact that the path of surrender has nothing to do with emptiness realization and can never lead to it, emptiness teachings does not prevent you from speaking up. Emptiness is not about dissolving the ability to discern truth and speak out, it is not about dissolving the ability to speak or the ability to discern. Emptiness realization is merely about seeing through that very specific misconception that there is inherent existence by penetrating into the empty nature of selves and things.

Nagarjuna debated with countless people... so did Buddha.