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Djoungtsi Astrology

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Djoungtsi astrology or element astrology, is also known as Nag rTsis which means black calculation. This system deals mainly with the calculation of five elements viz. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water in relation with the twelve animal signs, eight trigrams (Parkhas), nine magic square number (Mewas). Edefined by observation of cycles of cosmic energy in time. Th elemental astrology is used to construct the five major areas :

1. Yearly predictio (keg rtsis)
2. Natal horoscope (tse-rab-le-rtsis)
3. Marriage compatibility chart (Bag rtsis)
4. Medical Astrology (Ney Tsee)
5. Death Calculation (gshin rtsis).


The Twelve Animals

The twelve animals are used to designate years, months, days, and hours. Each animal is associated with an element, which represents its life force.

The Tiger and the Hare are Wood. The Horse and the Snake are Fire. The Monkey and the Bird are Metal. The Pig and the Rate are Water. The Cow, the Dragon, the Sheep, and the Dog are connected with the element Earth.

The inherent polarity of an animal corresponds to its symbolism and also bears upon the composition of its psychological character. The Rate is a nocturnal animal and a symbol of prosperity, it is therefore female, as is the Hare, which is associated with the Moon. The Dragon, by contrast, the symbol of thunder, is male; and so on.

The animal associated with a year gives it its specific character and influences the life and the personality of those born under its aegis. Each year of the cycle is designated by one of the symbolic animals. From the astronomical point of view, the twelve-year cycle is known as the Jupiter Cycle. The planet Jupiter takes approximately twelve years to complete one revolution through the zodiac. It traverses on average one sign each year, and this has suggested to some writers a relationship between the animals and the signs of the zodic.

The cycle of twelve animals conbined with the five elements gives the cycle of sixty years, or great cycle of Jupiter. Each elements is associated with two successive animals, the first male and the second female. The element alternate in their order of generation: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. The connection between animals can be favorable or unfavourable. An understanding of their affinities is important when human relationships are under consideration-partnerships, marriages, friendships etc.

Animal categories

Male animals: Mouse, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Dog. Female animals:

Ox, Rabbit, Snake, Sheep, Bird, Pig.

Male is method - stability, not so sensitive, works steadily.

Female is wisdom - sensitive, creative, adapting quickly.

Tiger, Snake, Monkey, Pig are Powerful animals, strong, ambitious, temperamental.

Rate, Rabbit, Horse, Bird are Middle category, intellectual, bright, brilliant. Ox, Dragon, Sheep, Dog are Cardinal animals, sensitive, artistic, perceptive, does not hurry.



A person born in the year of the Mouse is curious, intellectual and hard working. They reach everywhere. They are also sharp minded an creative by nature. But they are a bit careless in most of the work they undertake and can be selfish. They are able to save a great deal of money because of their stingy nature.

Most of these people are good in their studies. They are jolly and easily make friends. They are smily and lovely person. They are experts in house hold life and are tactful. Honest, ambitious, charming, quick to anger, gossipy and energetic. They get along easily with others and adapt themselves very well to changing environments and are experts in ingratiating to others. They are gentle and loving by nature.

Suitable Occupations : Business, Writer

Favorable partner : Dragon, Monkey

Unfavorable partner : Horse, Rabbit, Bird, Tiger and Dog



people born in the ox year are loyal and diligent. They are honest, ambitious, intelligent and sharp minded. They are capable leaders and often receive encouragement and complements from others. They are introverted calm, obedient and outwrdly gentle, though have a lot of pride. Diplomacy and using preliminary steps are always in their mind while any major task. They are hard working, responsible and never leave their work incomplete. They are patient, easy going, confident but often narrow minded and subborn. Talks little, feel shyness; love to colpete their work on time. Affectionate by nature, delay in marriage, tolerant, excellent leader and demand as much from themselves as of other. They are strong, solid and enjoy good health. They are honest, stable and do not change their mind easily. Slow but good steady worke. The ox is also strong-headed and prefers to act alone. Thes are sincere, reliable, reserved and trustworthy. Most of the them are intellectual and constantly in love. They may become furious and violent when severely angered. They are not afraid of hardship, do not give up easily and are steadfast in their thinking. Besides being conservative, they are also one who abides by rules. They do not make romantic wives and husbands. These people are well disciplined and expert in controlling others. They are independent and prefer to stand in their own two feet. They enjoy eating and sleeping.

Suitable Occupations : Surgery, Medical profession, Chief army, Beautician
Favorable partner : Snake, Bird
Unfavorable partner : Sheep, Dog, Dragon, Pig and Rabbit



Those born in the Tiger year are exceptionally self-confident, very possessive, forceful, impulsive and have a strong sense of superiority over others. They are physically and mentally active, and are sympathetic but a bit arrogant and proud. These people are brave, endeavour, career-minded and intelligent by nature. They are friendly with other but hate gossiping. They can summount most obstacles, think a lot, and inclined to be a bit jealous. They have a forceful personality and are ambitious, believing that no one is better or braver. They will occasionally use harsh words when speaking with others. They are bold and patient and will ablle to face hardships in life. They are helpful to mankind and strong willed.

They usually prefer to stay alone but have a strong affection for their relatives. They are good natured, frank, outspoken, very independent in views and have excellent organisation skills. They ar ambitious generous, determined, honourable, warm hearted, self.confident, fearless and fond of power and destructions, large hearted and noble but harsh temperament. They are brave, have a fighting spirit, sensitive, deep thinkers and stubbornly courageous. They hardly trust others and are hard working person. These people are very intelligent, love playing or entertaining, king towards kids, changeable by nature, clever, stable minded and honest by nature. They are also quite self-centered and like to do things their own way. They possesses an adventurous spirit and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Suitable Occupations : Social work, Racer, Leader, Driver
Favorable partner : Horse, Dog
Unfavorable partner : Monkey, Snake, Pig, Dragon and Mouse



A person born in this year is a smooth talker, even -tempered, gentle, sociable and respectful to others. They are intelligent but shy ny nature. They are compassionate, sharp minded and friendly with others but they are a bit cunning and can be lazy, egotistical and jealous. They are witty, intelligent and fun loving. Love and hearted and diplomatic having the patience and tactics to sort out problems more quickly zhan others. They are affectionate, compassionate, virtuous, placid, quietly, and talented by nature.

Easy to befriend, good mannered, kind, polite, peaceful by nature, never speak harsh words and are experts in dealing with others. They love communicating with others and everybody praises their nature. They are usually cheerful, brilliant, intellectual, fond of society and diplomatic. They have warm and charming manners. Honest in love and have everlasting friends; sincere and expert in love affairs. They enjoy happy family life generally. They are sharp, observant and fond of lovely things such as fashion, perfumes, and music.

Suitable Occupations : Business, Accountant, Lawyer, Plitician, Dancer

Favorable partner : Sheep, Pig
Unfavorable partner : Bird, Horse, Mouse, Snake and Ox



People born in the Dragon year are kind hearted and well disciplined. Everybody likes and praises their behavior and kind nature. They are frank, tactful, honest and sensitive. They can accomplish success in study and bisiness. They talk loudly and have a good heart. They are well mannered and have a beautiful smile. They are hard working and love to complete their work quickly.

They are kind hearted, refined and respectable. Broad, open minded, jolly by nature, egotistic, sensitive, impulsive, never lazy and lethargie, brave but not jealous. Clever, excitable, stubborn on the outside, and soft hearted. They are easygoing, willing to take risks, but tend to be more stubborn than most in their thinking and behaviour.They are full of imagination and possess an indomitable spirit. The dragon is decisive when it comes to dealing with anything. They have the potential for accomplishing great things. They are warm, curious and helpful by nature. They are self-centered when il comes to relationships.

Suitable Occupations : Artist, Religion prctitioner, Politics, Singer
Favorable partner : Mouse, Monkey
Unfavorable partner : Dog, Sheep, Ox, Tiger and Horse



Those born in the Snake year are very ambitious, full of fighting spirit and possess exceptional abilities. They are clever, sensitive, egotistical and get angry easily. They have a cruel and aggressive nature but are good looking and will always be able to obtain money whenever they need it. They are well spoken but a bit short-tempered by nature. They are broad minded and tolerant. Lovely and quick witted, intelligent and nervous.

Fond of music, dance, painting and travels. Extremely wise and attractive but bit self-centered. They are passionate, determined and rather egotistical. A winner with money. Deep thinking and quiet by nature. They are also adaptable, witty and can think far ahead. They are able to get along with everybody. They are quick thinkers and can act according to the situation. They are possessive and jealous by nature.

Suitable Occupations : Teacher, Writer, Nurse, Social work, Public relation, Psychiatrist and Future teller
Favorable partner : Bird, Ox
Unfavorable partner : Pig, Monkey, Tiger, Sheep and Rabbit



People born in the year of horse are brave, hard working, well traveled and frank. By nature, they will always listen to others and love animals and sports. They speak loudly and have a nature of wolking fast. They are fond of games, have a changeable mind, get hurt easily, are kind towards others, are hard working, creative, tactful, friendly, they want to do by their own wishes, hardly listen other view, have many friends and friendly with them. They also make friends very easily with others but they never trust or believe in others. They are clever and have a well-built body. They love watching movie, writing letters, making phone calls to their friends.

They are open minded, showy in dress, quick in everything, handy with money, cheerful and stubborn.They are very independent and full of enthusiasm un carrying out their duties. They are straightforward, generous with their money, love elaborate events and are good at socialising. They are easy to get along with and have many friends and acquaintances. They are courageous and not afraid of hardship, they usually do very well in their careers. They are lucky in money matters and hence can afford to live in luxury. They sacrifice their own goals in the interest of others.

Suitable Occupations : Scientist, Poetry writer, Politics
Favorable partner : Tiger, Dog
Unfavorable partner : Mouse, Rabbit, Bird, Dragon and Monkey.



Those born in the sheep year are less talkative, slow and simple. They are passionate and creative. They are friendly and not self-absorbed. They are charming, pious and honest and usually speak less with others. They are patient, zealous and able to overcome any hardship to achieve their goals. They are tolerant and generous by nature and soft spoken. They are frank, independent, brave and can make quick decisions. They are truthful, quarrelsome and have independent views.

They are aggressive but very romantic. Most of these people are ambitious, active, energetic and courageous. Best at the arts; their talents will always bring money. They are elegant, charitable, cool, soft and smooth by nature, well mannered, generous in giving alms to other, honest, affectionate, able to help others with their problems and compassionate. They love children and animals and are experts in household life. Everybody praises their behaviour, love in dealing with others and love to wear nice clothes and ornaments, slow in work, give interest to their body. They are refined, loyal and introverted. They also have extraordinary inner strength.They are diplomatic, attentive, considerate towards others and passionate in everything they do. They are pure hearted, extremely loyal and generous.

Suitable Occupations : Gardener, Artist, Government job.
Favorable partner : Rabbit, Pig
Unfavorable partner : Ox, Dog, Dragon, Bird and Snake



People born under this sign are-minded, clever by nature and like to go everywhere. They are kind hearted and like to help others. They love to busy themselves and are prone to gossip.They have a quick, witty tongue, love walking and traveling. They are a frank and friendly with everyone. They prefer to deal with things of their own choosing. They are intelligent and experts in dealing with others. They are flexible, talented, self-willed and creative people. They enjoy a certain level of popularity in public gatherings or the clubs the join. They are easy going, very adaptable, quick-witted and possess the ability to read situations very well. They are romantic at heart. They pursue fun and entertainment. They are impatient, restless, not easily contented and lack farsightedness. They usually care only about present gain.

Suitable Occupations : Mouse, Dragon
Favorable partner : Tiger, Pig, Snake, Dog and Horse
Unfavorable partner : Tiger, Pig, Snake, Dog and Horse



Those born in the Bird year are fond of dance and song. They possess cleanliness and like to wear new clothes.They have strong sexual inclinations and have lots of friends. They can judge others but others find difficulty in judging them. These people are powerful speakers. They are kindhearted and friendly with others. They are rather decisive as well as straight forward by nature. They have strong sense of attachment and often compels them to have friends or acquaintances always around.They are ambitious and intelligent. They cherish cleanliness and love traveling. Deep thinking and short sighted, ambitious and brave, idealistic, sometimes dislike but never boring, well built and good looking, they hardly pass time without friends.

Smile, fond of game, clubs and sports. They act after deep consideration, are jovial, generous, love liberty, independence and freedom.They love to dress up and like wine. Their loyalty, trust and affection are for their partner. They are arrogant, love gossiping, proud and very confident. They usually have good foresight and are perceptive. They often receive praise and compliments from others. They show enthusiasm in the things they do and will not tolerate sloppiness. Money comes and goes easily. They are generally happy and contented people. They are physically light and agile and have a tendency to befriend others.

Suitable Occupations : Tailor, Secretary, Performing arts, Owner of Restaurant, Army, Advertiser
Favorable partner : Ox, Snake
Unfavorable partner : Rabbit, Mouse, Horse, Sheep and Pig



People born in the Dog year are a bit stingy and like to talk a lot. They tend be ambitious, nervous and aggressive. They will often be in two minds about things. They always do their best in their relationships with people. Yet they are selfish and stubborn.They will give wholehearted love and respect to those they love. They take intense care at work and are affectionate towards others. They are impulsive, kind hearted and honest. They are stable minded, hard working and kind-hearted. They love only the person whom they like the most.They are fond of learning, active minded and possess good mental abilities. These people are stubborn, honest, stable minded, hardworking, friendly, affectionate, clever, soft-spoken and impulsive. They are a bit cunning but loyal and faithful by nature. They are quick-thinkers, observant and agile. They have a great sense of humour. They are temperamental by nature and lose their temper easily which migt not last long.

Suitable Occupations : Nurse, Beautician, Business, Teacher, Doctor
Favorable partner : Tiger, Horse
Unfavorable partner : Dragon, Ox, Sheep, Mouse and Monkey



People born under this sign are affectionate and kind to their loved ones and make close life long friends. They are usually good looking, smart, sensitive, and have all the qualities to attract others. They possess tremendous fortune and great honesty. They make friends easily and are extremely loyal to their friends. These people are fond of song and music. They are cheerful and open minded, generous and intelligent. They take intense care of the their friendships. They are jolly by nature and generally love to work. They are cool by nature, peaceful, honest and affection towards relatives and beloved ones. They love to help others, possess cleanliness, love setting and decorating rooms, sympathetic and kind. They trust in others, are good hearted, intelligent, dedicated and courageous. They possess a good memory, are very capable of dealing with facts and possess good concentration. They have many friends, and are economical and practical. They are very social but choosy with who become their friends. They are constantly in friendship, quick witted and blessed with a good family and sound financial position. Most of these people are generous and geniuses. They are usually very self-confident and self-centered. They possess good leadership qualities and will stick to whatever they do from beginning to end. They are full of vigor and determination. They are stubborn, gentle and considerate by nature.

Suitable Occupations : Tourism, Lawyer
Favorable partner : Rabbit, Sheep
Unfavorable partner : Snake, Bird, Tiger, Ox and Monkey


The Five Elements

The five Chinese elements are known in Tibetan as jugwa: Wood (shing), Fire (Me), Earth (Sa), Metal (chak), and Water (Chu). They are natural forces of transformation, in constant interaction with each other. The term "element" is to be understood as dynamic principle, a principle of energy; and certain authors prefer to speak of "agents" rather than the more confusing "elements". The names of elements Wood, Fire, Earth, Water, and Metal are symbolic: they allow description of the elements by analogy, but have little to do with the objects of the same name. None of the elements is good or bad in itself.

However, in contact with each other they react according to their affinities. There are therefore favorable, neutral, and harmful relations. An element can also become dangerous when there is too much or too little of it. Each of the elements embraces a number of meanings and correspondences: each has inherent characteristics, activity, direction, season, planet, organ, etc. These allow the nature of each element to be defined, but it must not be forgotten that the elements never exist in isolation: they are dynamic and in constant interaction. The essence of the five elements is said to be unique because they are all a manifestation of pure cosmic energy.

Element Symbol Color Direction Quality Period Activity Organ Planet and Parkha
Wood Tree Green East Spring
Vitality Mobility Liver Jupiter
Tsin, Zön
Fire Flames Red South Summer
Ardor Destruction Heart Sun, Mars
Earth Square Yellow Center Interseasonal
Fertility Solidification Spleen Saturn
Metal Sword White West Autumn
Rigidity Cutting Lung Venus
Water Waves Blue-black North Winter
Rest Impregnation Kidneys Mercury



Caracteristic : mobility External : Wood (shing), Internally : nerves, blood-vessels and muscle. Organes : Liver, gall bladder. It causes velar and guttular sounds to be articuled, and is characterised by bald-headedness and goitre. In cases of ill-health an imbalance of wood is indicated by plague-causing spirits (gnyan) and malign goblins (the'u-brang), an by paralysis of nervous system. It is located in the east, the tiger and the hare signs.Wood is symbolized by a young tree with leaves of soft green; or by the wooden handle of the sword of Manjusri, piercing the flank of the cosmic turtle. Wood corresponds to awakening, to morning, spring. As a symbol of vitality, its characteristics are growth, mobility, the power of inspiration and crativity. Its nature is soft and harmonious, but in excess it can become choleric.

Its color is green, its organ is the liver, whose role is to transform and synthesize bodily constituents. Its flavor is acid and its planet is Jupiter. The associated trigrams are Tsin, the awakener, thunder, and Zön, softness, wind. people born under Wood possess a vital attraction and remain in close touch with the life-giving earth, which makes them calm, balanced, and confident.Thanks to these traits, Wood natives attract the support of the group in their undertakings, which are usually successful. Their innovative ideas testify to a great apenenness of mind. Their greatest fault is scattered energy, which can spoil their chances of success.



Symbolised by a red triangular flame and numerically represented by number four, the fire element emerges naturally in a flickering blazing manner. Its function is one of combustion, inherent in a diet of cooked meat, blood and flesh of animal's head, whilewithin the body it is represented by the metabolism and the heart. Itcauses dental sound to be articulated, and is characterissed by matted hair or dreadlocks and swollen glands. In cases of ill-health an imbalance of fire is indicated by haunting spirits (bstan) and the ghosts of murder victims (gre-bo), and by fevers and headaches. It is located in the south of the turtle divination chart, along with the trigram Li, the horse and snake signs, the Sun and the six southern constellations.

Its qualities are eagerness, joy, fervor, and passion. It is full of sparkle and transforms everything it touches, to the point at which it burns. Its purificatory powers can easily become destructive. Its passion is violent and its character is a mixture of impatience, intolerance and burning ambition, anything that resists it must be destroyed. Its flavor is bitterness. In its qualities of clarity, perspicacity, and brillance Fire is associated with the Sun. Its warlike, intolerant, and destructive character relates it to the planet Mars. Natives of Fire are small and dark, with aquiline noses and sibilant voices. Because of their violent and quick-tempered character, they are not people to be reasoned with. They are very perceptive and will not tolerate compromise. They are generous, warm and idealistic and set high goals for themselves, achieving them through ambition and sweeping all obstacle aside. Others are attracted and magnetized by their brillance, like butterflies drawn to a flame. They are mystic warriors with burning hearts and only hypocrites and the mediocre need fear them.



Symbolised by a white semi-circle or blade and numerically represented by number five, the iron element emerges naturally with sharp edges. Its function is one of sharpness or incision, inherent in a diet of dairy products and flesh from an animal's ribs, while within the body it is represented by the bone tissue and lungs. It causes vocalic sound to be articulated, and is characterised by shaven heads and moles. In cases of ill-health an imbalance of iron is indicated by king spirits (rgyal-po) and Pehar, as wel as by colic and bone ailments. It is located in the west of the turtle divination chart, along with the trigram Dva, the bird an monkey signs, Venus and six western constellations.

It has all the characteristics of a blade: coldness, dryness, clarity, purity, firmness and sharpness. It is a symbol of integrity and justice and cuts through with resolution, but when rigid, it becomes destructive and impedes progress. Metal has two aspects: although rigid and cutting as an ideal of justice, it is nonetheless a magnetic and joyful element, drawn by earthly delights; and in this sense it symbolizes sexuality and pleasure. People born under Metal have solid and well-proportioned bodies, nasal voices, and clear complexions. They are intellectuals, fond of novelty and of justice, resolutely pursuing their objectives and intolerant of any interference in their busines. They are therefore strong, individualists. However, they are constantly torn between their moral ideal and their attachment to the pleasures of the flesh, and take refuge in a rigid attitude in order to disguise their contradictions and their instability.



Symbolised by a blue circle and numerically represented by number three, the water element emerges natureally in a flowing manner. Its function is one of mollification, inherent in a diet of liquid refreshments including wine and water, while within zhe body it is represented by the blood, serum and kidneys. It causes labial sounds to be articulated, and is caracterised by hair on the occiput and a cleft palate. In cases of ill-health an imbalance of water is indicated by serpentine spirit (nâga) and imprecatory goddesses (ma-mo), as well as by cold diseases and ailments of the lower part of the body. It is located in the nord of the turtle divination chart, along with the trigram Kham, the mouse and pig signs. Moon, Mercury and the six northern constellations.

Water is the principle of penetrating moisture, the total cessation of activity. Passivity and the absence of passion lead to calm and receptivity. Water also symbolizes the hidden, that which is at rest but potentially rich, the rest that is necessary before starting again. Its color are dark blue and black, its flavor is salt. Water natives correspond to the lymphatic temperament. Their bodies are round and fat, their skin is soft and supple, and their complexion is dark, Their lips are thick, their faces round, and their mouths half-open. Their affable and easy manner makes them easy to communicate with. They are patient and placid, ready to listen to others; they are confidants, giving wise advice, guided by solid intuition. Although they are timid and fearful, their patience and adaptability allow them to wear down restance and overcome obstacles. In excess, the calm that characterizes Water can become idleness and laxity. Its openness makes it easily influenced and dependent.



Symbolised by a yellow square and numerically represented by the number two, the earth element emerges naturally in a static manner. Its function is one of heaviness and solidity, inherent in diet of bread and the flesh of animal's, while within the body it is represented by the muscle tissue and the spleen. It causes nasal sounds to be articulated, and is characterised by fringed hair and a dcrepit posture. In cases of ill-health an imbalance of earth is indicated by spirit lords of soil and demons of the countryside (yul-'dre), as well as by lethargy ans asphyxia. Is is located in the intermediate directions of the turtle divination chart, along with the trigrams Khon, Khen, Gin and Zon, the ox, sheep, dog and dragon signs, Saturn and the four intermediate constellations.

It is a crystallizing fprce, and work slowly and powerfully, stabilizing and concretizing things. Ils qualities are fertility and abundance. Its virtue is realism, a sense of the concrete. Its flavor is sweetness, and its planet is Saturne. The trigram of Earth is Khön, the receptive. Earth natives are thickset with powerful limbs, and their features are thick, their voices deep, coming from the belly. They are practical people and think with wisdom and prudence. They work methodically, although slowly, and with concrete, solid objectives. They are enterprising and shrewd and can be possessive and selfish, attached to material things.

Relation Between Elements

In nature, the elements come together and either harmonize or fight, according to their affinities. From these relations arise the natural cycles of transformation. The relations between elements are those of mather, son, friend, or enemy. The mother of Wood is Water, the mother of Water is Metal, the mother of Metal is Earth, the Mother of Earth is Fire, and the mother of Fire is Wood. The maternal relationship is also known as the cycle of the production of the elements. This is the best type of relation-ship, the mother-element engendre, protects, and nurtures the son-element. Another approach to this cycles is based on analogy: wood is inflammable, and when it burns (Fire) it leaves ashes (Earth). From earth, metal (Metal) is extracted. The vapor of cold metal can be condensed into wate (Water), which is necessary for vegetable growth (Wood).


Spirits and Local Deities

A grat many demons, local deities and elemental spirits are found in Tibetan astrology. These deities symbolize the natural forcess of places tree, mountains, and elements; and the forces connected with the earth are equally connected with the planets and constellations. They are therefore subject to the yearly, monthly, and daily cycles of manifestation and movement. Since humans are in constant contact with the natural environment,they must be vigilant and take care not to disturb these forces if they wish to maintain a harmonious relationship with nature. When disturbed, these dities are said to be capable of causing bad harvests or provoking disease in humans and their cattle. Most of these spirits are capable of causing illness or "stealing ons vitality". There are karmic reasons for this: a person who disturbed spirits in a past life, in this one may suffer an illness brought about by spirits. The circumstances that make such an attack possible are always linked to a loss of vitality is intact, certain spirits will attack the weakest member of that persons family. A distinction is made between external demons, who cause obstacles external to the practitioner; internal demons, who cause internal sicknesses and disturbances; and secret demons, who are none other than disturbing thoughts. As a general rule, the latter symbolize our neuroses, our unconscious fears, and our spiritual obstacles.

The Eight Classes of Gods and Demons

Naga (LU)

The LU are water deities. There live below the ground, in springs, lakes, and rivers. They are in this sense local deities. However, by reason of their identification with the naga, they are believed to have an underground kingdom at the base of Mount Meru, the axial mountain. Patala is a kingdom filled with wealth, with rich and sumptuous treasures. Their king is Nanda Taksaka (Jogpo), and they are divided into five castes like those of Hindus: the kingly caste, the noles, the Brahmins, the Vaisya, and the Sudra. Their bodies are half.human, half-snake. In Buddhism, they are considered to be under the authority of Virupaksa, the guardian king of the West. Nagas occur frequently in the history of Buddhism: when the Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree at Bodhgaya, the king of the nagas and his subjects protected him from the weather by forming an umbrella over his head; and when the Buddha taught the Prajnaparamita, the teaching on emptiness, on Vultures Peak, the volumes of this teaching are said to have been entrusted to the protection of the nagas. According to legend, the great master Nagarjuna visited the naga realm and brought the teachings back to reveal them to humanking. The naga are often entrusted with termas, treasure texts, attributed to Padmasambhava. In the Tibetan era, the hero Gesar of Ling was born of a naga mother. As local deities, the nagas may be vindictive when their natural environments is disturbed. The pollution of water, the buildong of dams and dikes, irrigation works, and the diversion of the course of rivers are all acts that may bring about sickness if they are not performed at the astrologically correct time. The nagas are then capable of wreaking vengeance by sending such diseases as leprosy to the responsible humans.

Nyen (gnyan)

The Nyen are generally malicious spirits who live in the atmosphere or at the surface of the earth, in fields and woods. Many of them live in trees, and it is therefore important not to cut timber on certain day indicated by astrological almanacs. The Nyen are the cause of numerous ailments and certain types of cancer are also attributed to them. They are described as having a cowlike form and being yellow or green.

Sadak (sa-bdag)

The SADAK are the "Lords of the Earth". They are generally neuter. The SADAK become irritated when their home, the earth is "injured" by erthworks, the digging of wells, or the construction of building. Certain days are therefore indicated as unfavorable for such activities; and before on builds a house or temple, offerings are made to them and their permission is sought to use the site.The SADAk are an important group and are frequently met with in astrology. The SADAK are subject to the annual, seasonal and even daily cycles. While a SADAK is in residence in a particular direction, it will sometimes be necessary to postpone work in that direction or even to cancel a journey. The SADAK have a king, The se, whose body is red. He wears a robe of the same color and holds a large copper Garuda (a mythical bird). He is the chief of the SADAK of the cycle of twelve years. Each year, he occupies the direction of the ruling animal. The kings retibue comprises numerous deities. Each of these moves throughout the year. All these deities symbolize elemental earth-energies as they enter into relationship with the astrological configuration of the moment.

Gyalpo (rgyal-po)

The Gyalpo or "Spirit King" are said to be the spirits of evil kings or high lamas who had broken their vows. They are white in color and often wear armor. They are often local deities of great importance, such as mountain gods.

Mamos (ma-mo)

The Mamos constitute a very numerous class of fierce female deities. Although they predate Buddhism, they have been assimilated to the Matrika, a type of sorcerer of the charnel grounds. These black goddesses personify natural forces that become destructive when disturbed. They carry bags full of disease germs and comprise the retinue of the Great Dharma Protectresses.

Dud (rgyal-po)

The Dud, (Skt. Mara) are openly malevolent spirits who had been fiercely oposed to the Dharma in their previous lives. They create obstacles for pratictionners and live on human flesh. They black in color.

Za (gnam-the)

The ZA are malevolent planetary spirits who cause diseases such as epilepsy. Some of them are seasonal: the black Dog in spring, the Dragon-tailed Monster in summer, the Knight on the Black Horse in autumn, and the Phoenix in Winter. Their movements have to be kept in mind and protective diagrams have to be made.

Tsen (btsan)

The Tsen, the red spirits that haunt rocks, are all male, the spirits of erring monks of earlier times. When they are subdued by a great practitioner, the Tsen often become the guardian of temples, shrines, and monasteries. Red offerings are made to them.

The Nine Mewas


Mewa means "mole" or birth mark and the nine mewa stem from a system of numerology used for centuries by the Chinese. It indicates a karmic relation from life to life. There are 9 mewas, and they are often arranged in a so-called magic square that gives totals of 15, whichever way they are totaled up.

Each of the nine Mewas is associated with a color related to one of the five elements. The system of nine Mewas is dynamic: each year, each month, and each day, the Mewas move. The nine magic Mewa square numbers represent the nine categories of astrological spirits. Each number has an interpretation that includes karmic relations from past life to future lives. The Magic Square of Mewa is also known in this tradition as "The Magic Square of Saturn."

Hese numbers cycle through the years, months and days and are the keys to the following factors for a person: Past and future lives - Experience in the bardo- Some personal characteristics.-Relationships with various earth spirits - Health and Life force. Obstacles and also is used in determining favourable and unfavourable directions.

It is said that this magic square was engraved on the lower shell (the outside bottom) of cosmic tortoise, from which (in legend) all Tibetan astrology springs. It has, aside from the numbers themselves, a distinct orientation is space, not to mention colors, elements and so on: style="background:blue; color:white;"

Mewa: 4 Green
Color: Green
Element: Wood
Direction: S.E.
Spirit : Lou
Mewa: 9 Red

Color: Red
Element: Fire
Direction: South
Spirit: Mamos

Mewa: 2 Black

Color: Black
Element: Water
Direction: S.W.
Spirit :

Mewa: 3 Blue

Color: Blue
Element: Water
Direction: East
Spirit: Senmo

Mewa: 5 Yellow

Color: Yellow
Element: Earth
Direction: Center
Spirit: Sadak

Mewa: 7 Red

Color: Red
Element: Fire
Direction: West
Spirit: Tsen

Mewa: 8 White

Color: White
Element: Metal
Direction: N.E.
Spirit: Lha

Mewa: 1 White

Color: White
Element: Iron
Direction: North
Spirit : Lha

Mewa: 6 White

Color: White
Element: Iron
Direction: N.W.
Spirit: Gyalpo

Parkhas - The Eight Trigrams


The eight parkhas or trigrams are related to the Chinese pa-qua, connected to the I-Ching (Book of Changes), one of the oldest and most important writings in the history of the Chinese language. These eight trigrams represent the interdependent relation of the two great opposites, "yang" and "yin". Yang (translation: "Sunny side of the hill") is the male, positive, and active force, while yin (translation: "Shaded side of the hill") is female, receptive, and passive. Their interrelationship creates the eight trigrams, any two of which can be used to form the six-lined hexagram, used in the I-Ching.

The active yang force is symbolized by an unbroken line, while the passive yin force is a 2-section broken line. These are then placed, one above the other to form the eight possible combinations or 3-lined trigrams. In Tibetan astrology, these eight trigrams are placed at the eight directions in space, with Li to the South, Khon to the S.W., Dha to the West, Khen to the N.W., Kham to the North, Kin to the N.E., Zin to the East, and Zon to the S.E. Here is a list, including the meaning as suggest in the no-famous book on the I-Ching by Wilhelm.

The entire universe in all its varied manifestations arises from the interplay of these two forces. One is never found without the other. Without space, movement is impossible, The continual process of the transformation of energy is symbolized by the eigt trigrams and sixty-four hexagrams. Yang is represented by an unbroken line; Yin by a broken line.When three lines are combined, we have eight types of trigram, the Parkha gye, which symbolize the eight principal modes of combination of energy.

Trigram: Li

Direction: South
Element: Fire
Meaning: Clinging
Animal: Bird

Trigram: Khön

Direction: S.W.
Element: Earth
Meaning: The Receptive
Animal: Ox

Trigram: Dwa

Direction: West
Element: Iron
Meaning: Joyous
Animal: Sheep

Trigram: Khen

Direction: N.W.
Element: Sky
Meaning: The Creative
Animal: Horse

Trigram: Kham

Direction: North
Element: Water
Meaning: The Abysmal
Animal: Pig

Trigram: Kin

Direction: N.E.
Element: Mountain
Meaning: Keeping Still
Animal: Dog

Trigram: Tsin

Direction: East
Element: Wood
Meaning: Arousing
Animal: Dragon

Trigram: Zön

Direction: S.E.
Element: Wind
Meaning: The Gentle
Animal: Sheep


This is the place called the place of the rBad-hDre, Naga and gNyan provocation.

Because his father or ancestors held a grudge against their master, he can get harm from rBad-hDre, Naga and Sadak spirits. As a consequence of this provocation he will suffer from craziness or deep depression or he will die suicide or by knife. Without choice he has to leave the country and possibly will die during the journey. Among his ancestors, he possesses two or four grandfathers, but his descendants will be few. His cemetery is facing South-East or South and is also facing a mountain.

As a result of his personality, he will love to insult other people, strongly jealous and competitive with friends and the protectors od his own cowntry will be nervous. His work an d mind will both be great but he will like to show-o.~. A sMan-mo will protect him and king spirit and gong-po will provoke him. Finally he will die by a sudden disease.


This is the place of sword and singe-ing [the place of complete destruction). If the person is born in this year, by nature he will be of large views. He will have interest in slanders and will also take over the position of his father or of his brother in law. He will suffer from a false charge.Physically he will suffer from an illness related to his head or brain and to his sensory organs.If the person is a man, there will be danger of being killed. Since his father's and his grandfather's time the big blade of the sword has been drawn.

Consequently, many persons in his generation, past or future, were or will be killed by sword, especially through injury on the head.If the person is a woman, she will lose her partner, will conceive a bastard and get much misfortune. For both man and woman, because of singeing and grudge, Devas and Nagas will be driven away and this will cause viral diseases (gnyen-nad) and possibly handicapped children.When grandparents were in the maximum developing time, the family split into four or five groups. A wrathful cemetery and a death place are facing to the west and south.He will get a protection from King spirit, Mountain dwelling spirit, and bDud spirits but hGong-po will provoke him. If the person gets a provocation from Sadak spirits, it will be hard to overcome this.

The entire universe in all its varied manifestations arises from the interplay of these two forces. One is never found without the other. Without space, movement is impossible, The continual process of the transformation of energy is symbolized by the eigt trigrams and sixty-four hexagrams. Yang is represented by an unbroken line; Yin by a broken line.When three lines are combined, we have eight types of trigram, the Parkha gye, which symbolize the eight principal modes of combination of energy.


This is called the place of cemetery spirits and errors in the cemetary. If the person was born in this parkha, because his past grandparents made an error in the performance of burial ceremonies, it will bring unfriendliness with Nagas and also dumbness, limping, or mutism in his descendants and heritage and any of these facts will be the cause of his death.

His close parents have instable properties. He is of stable mind and therefore he will change it with difficulty. He will be of bed temper and easy to curse. Always having a grudge and suffering from minor diseases. He will have difficulty to grow up his child or there may be a separation of the couple. He speaks gently, but with strong exaggeration and sometimes he is furiously aggressive. He should always pay attention to negative energies like dead bodies or wedding parties. The early part of his life will be rich but the latter part will be the opposite. The colour of his village or of the place where he lives and of his cemetery is light yellow. This place is closed by a river in a valley. His more favourable protectors are Nak-mook and Naga-sMan . Sadak and Lu-mo spirits can make a provocation.


This is the place of the sterile and low-cast spirit. The provocation starts from the ancestors, who were always suffering from different kinds of sterility, typhoid fevers and fratricides. Because of having cut down dangerous trees his ancestors suffered from some throat illness and other problems closely related to the wood. His descendants will be either one or three children. From his house a very energetic and powerful person who will work for the cause of people could originate. His cemetery is facing towards south-east, having a green or a blue color. He himself will have a slightly blue colored complexion. He will be good in telling lies, tricky, clever and impostor, he can steal the other's mind. He will be rich and powerful and a good son. He is the son of a strong father but will lose money and properties very easily. He is of rough behaviour within his family but gentle outside.

Naga , bDud and Yul-bDag spirits will protect him. He will get a provocation from a rMang-hDre.


This parkha is called the place of fratricide by sword. If the person was born in this parkha, he and his relatives will be killed due to negative planning among relatives, because his ancestors had been guilty of fratricide. The whole picture of his life is like having to take care and to grow up other people's orphans instead of his own ones. Similarly, he will need to face a problem which is not what he really wishes: a fratricide, which he does not want and wishes, he will be forced to perform. Some of his relatives or a member of his family will die while travelling, as a result of a provocation from a spirit following an armour decorated with a turquoise.

His village and cemetery are facing to the west or to the north with yellow or black color. He will possess little property. He will be of good heart, but will be nervous and will produce agitation. He will not have a tricky mind and will make a little but reasonable profit. Physically he will be active, strong and skillful. He will be brave and suitable for higher education. Either male or female, he can equally conduct the house.

He will pronounce perjuries towards an uncle from his mother's side. Land and property will be instable. In the last he will die by strong pain or under a knife. A bTsan is his protector. A De-bo will provoke him.


This is called the place of singeing where a Sadak resides. If the person was born in this parkha, he himself and his descendants will suffer from a sword. Either his ancestors died by Leprosy or other viral infections or his family will probably die by sword because other people has negatively contaminated his family by singeing. On the other side, his descendants could become well learned religious practitioners of Buddhism or Bon.. His descendants or his ancestors will have or had two or three generations. His cemetery is facing towards north or east.

By nature, his character is of stable mind and difficult to be influenced by other people. He will be tight-lipped, lazy and apt to keep his word. His generation will get only one single child. By nature he is careful in minor deeds but rough in important works.

Wrathful War God and the lord of dead will protect him and Sadak and Sadhel will provoke him.


This is called the place of dirt, contamination and of changing into negative. If the person was born in this parkha, either his ancestors' hand (power) got lost to others or in the other way. Either his ancestors made bastards or their sons or sisters, by means of black-colored things coming from the negativity of sterile people, will become superior than their parents. Also, wife will possibly separate from their husbands.

He is the fourth or fifth generation branch of his original family, therefore his heritors will be of strong character. The place where he lives and his cemetery are facing towards north or east with a white or a black color. The black color also appears from his heart, therefore, there will be many sufferings in his life. He has a sharp nose, but has difficulty to make contacts. Outside his family he appears to be gentle and kind but inside he is easy to create problems. He is highly ambitious and always rigid, tight in himself. He will probably get a child outside his family.

He will be protected by a white female Naga Spirit, or by a Mount dwelling spirit or a Mamo. He will get provocation from a bSen-mo.


This is the place called the place of limping and cripples. If the person was born in this parkha, his past generations must have suffered from limping, cripple or bending of the body together with dumbness and mutism. He will get many enemies and will need to change the place where he lives and his life will oscillate between happiness and sorrow.

He is the second or the fourth generation of a branch from his original family and the number of his family members is stable. His village and cemetery are facing towards west and north with a red or a yellow color. He is strongly egoistic and highly ambitious. He puts great effort into his work, but he receives only little appreciation from other people. He will be a wise man, who can judge the cause of happiness and sorrow of his life. He will be hard for his father and uncle.

Gong-po will protect him and king spirit will provoke him.