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Dharanis from various other Sutras in Secret Buddhism

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Apart from the fundamental Mahavairocana and Vajrasekhara Sutras, Buddhist masters who compiled the Tripitaka (three 'baskets' of Sutras on: Doctrine, Law and Essay) have translated other Sutras from Sanskrit to Chinese. The work was the merit of devoted Chinese Emperors who gave orders for the translation, publication and teaching of the Sutras. They are grouped under the secret scriptures section of the Tripitaka or Great Store Sutra and have been transmitted up to today. The formulation of basic secret doctrines that belong to the secret sect is not very difficult, although there are hundreds of Sutras preaching different Dharanis for the following reasons:

1) The Sutras of Secret Buddhism emphasize spiritual applications over theories.

2) Although there are many completely different details, all the Sutras have these points in common: the place of the Dharma assembly, the audience, the opportunity for the lecture, the rules on altar setting, on drawing or painting the statues, on Homa ceremony, on praising the merits of Dharanis, the titles of the Buddhas supporting the Dharanis, and their recommendations.

3) There are many Dharanis. However one needs to practice just one mantra and all other Dharanis will also be successful.

4) The section on Secret Buddhism Doctrine in the Tripitaka contains 25 volumes of Dharanis. They are: The Buddha's collection: introduced by the Buddhas The Lotus' collection: Kwan Yin's Dharani introduced by the saints. Vajra's collection: Vajrapani's Dharani introduced by the saints. Ratna's collection: Buddha's Dharani introduced by Deities and saints. Karmadana's collection: Buddha's Dharani introduced by the Gods and Demons. Each of the five volumes has 5 sub-categories, altogether 25 sets.

The merits from reciting the Dharanis and the benefits that these 25 volumes of Dharanis offer are innumerable. It is summarized in the following 10 subjects:

   1. Support for the King and his kingdom.
   2. Elimination of bad Karma and protection from evil.
   3. Cures physical and mental illnesses, adds blessing and intelligence.
   4. Definite realization of all wishes.
   5. Benefit to sentient beings and salvation from darkness.
   6. The mother of all Buddhas teaching the original Vow's virtue.
   7. The Diamond God's protection for all regardless of religious faith.
   8. Union with the Buddha at the time of death.
   9. Provides the extra strength and self- strength to reach enlightenment.
   10. The Buddhas themselves need to pray for the Dharanis.

From Secret Store Dharani Sutra: “Dharani is able to protect the King and appease his people.” From Peace Preserving Dharani Sutra: “In the countries where Dharanis circulate, it gives the King true power. It supports the Queen, the King's consort, Prince and Princess, the Prime Minister and the King's cabinet. It gives peace and happiness for all. It replaces enemies in or out of the country, plots and treachery from the subjects, epidemic diseases, hunger, misery, drought, flood, wild beasts, and harmful germs, with wealth, abundance, prosperous crops, safety and peace.” From Precious Store Dharani: “where the Dharani circulates, it supports the King and his family, his generals and officers. It eliminates disasters produced by the wrath of ghosts and Demons. It fulfills all wishes. The Devas give their blessings.” The country has these ten benefits:

   1. The country has no enemies or invaders.
   2. It has no disasters caused by unusual stars.
   3. It has no evil spirits causing diseases and epidemics.
   4. It has no windstorm, hail storm, fire, frost or calamities.
   5. It has no foes and spies.
   6. It has no harmful ghosts.
   7. It has no sudden, unknown deaths.
   8. It has plenty of five grains and sweet fruits.
   9. It has the celestial Dragon giving favorable weather without droughts or floods.
   10. It has no ferocious wild beasts such as tigers, panthers or wolves.

 From Seven Buddhas Dharanis Sutra: “If the sun or moon errs on its path Dharanis will have it corrected. Dharanis change bad crops into good ones. It ends disloyalty, betrayal, diseases and wars. If Kings of men desire safety and happiness in this life, they should recite Dharanis and advise their queen, prince and princess to do the same.” From Supporting the Ruler Dharani Sutra: “Why does the Dharani only support the ruler? Would that be unfair to the people? Answer - in truth, the people can only benefit if the ruler is happy and safe. That is why the Dharani only talks about supporting the ruler. From Avalokitesvara In Green Dress Bodhisattva Sutra: “Dharani is able to wipe out all disasters, diseases, epidemics, starvation, rebel troops, robbery, war, drought, unfavorable weather and bad stars. Dharani adds blessings. It gives wealth and strength to the country, happiness and long life to its people. From Subahuh

Sutra: “There is no other doctrine apart from the Dharanis, which grants favors and happiness to living beings.”