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Darkness Retreat – Ancient Technology for Spiritual Alchemy

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 Darkness Retreat is a spiritual practice designed to help one navigate the Bardo, or the land of the dead and as well as to attain enlightenment in this lifetime. It varies from tradition to tradition but usual time period one dwells in the dark is from few days to few decades.

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The author of this Blog went for it two times, a week at time, could do it longer but was improvising with my house as an actual “retreat”. This form of Vision Quest can be overly intense particularly if you are sitting with your darker fears which may motivate some “out” of it rather than to pursue it thoroughly. But, understanding this you’ll be fine.


Master Mantak Chia offers this traditionally shamanic practice for modern use and it last’s usually about 2-3 weeks in duration in complete darkness and it’s fun. Some people find ‘Enlightenment’ via the help of this tool, if you are one of those feel free to leave a comment as to offer encouragement to other willing aspirants on their spiritual journeys.
Excerpt explanation in a nutshell:


In the isolation from any external light the third eye (pineal gland) overflows with certain neurotransmitters that awaken the higher brain, the ability to imprint the brain. The imagination begins to externalize, and even when you open your eyes you walk within your imagination. It projects outwards and becomes a vivid light experience.


The brain becomes aware in its nervous system of itself. The nervous system starts to become aware of what it is doing, which makes it having the ability to program itself.


In the first 3 days one has sleep therapy, but once the pineal gland overflows the somatic neuro transmitters, you are having a wide open brain, like it was in the womb. In this state one can go to the metaprograms and establish a new electrical pathway. Not just a magnetic shift (which most adult metaprograming is based on), but engage an electrical shift in the core brain. Therefore, one has an adjusted view of how one filters reality and sees the interactivity by which one sees reality.

The brain creates a hologram not the external world. When one comes out of the DR, one sees the light particles coming in through the eyes, and suddenly you become aware how everything you are seeing out there is actually created in your own head. There is no such thing like color out there, that is created by our own brain. This is not a scientific theory any longer (or objective fact theoretically taught), but becomes ones own experience.

So one sees that one creates this hologram of the outside world when the nervous system becomes aware of itself. One can change, adjust and program this filter to see wider waves, because we see less than half percent of wave emanations (0.5% of 100% actual waves in the objective universe). To see more, and to adjust the filtration processor of the brain to the Unity Self, to start to transduce our Unity hologram of reality which then coherently is programing one..s nervous system.

From the archaic ethnocultures around the world the DR initiation was really the primal form of initiation, both into adulthood as well as into Shamanistic Chief- or Lama-form. Often that was accompanied with a lifetime of preparation, even some cultures would initiate at the age of 12 and 21.

All spiritual traditions have used Darkness Techniques in the pursuit of enlightenment. In Europe, the dark room often appeared in underground form as a network of tunnels, in Egypt as the Pyramids, in Rome as the catacombs, and by the Essenes, near the Dead Sea in Israel, as caves. In the Taoist tradition caves have been used throughout the ages for higher level practices. In the Tao, the cave, the Immortal Mountain, the Wu San, represents the perfect Inner Alchemy Chamber. Meditating and fasting in the cave is for final journey of spiritual work. The caves are the Earth Mother and it’s energy lines. Like the hollow bones, caves contain the vital essence of the Earth Power. The Tao says: “When you go into the dark and this becomes total, the Darkness soon turns into light.”

In the Darkness, our mind and soul begin to wander freely in the vast realms of psychic and spiritual experience. When you enter this primordial state of force you are reunited with the true self and divinity within. You literarily ‘conduct’ the universal energy. You may see into the past and future, understanding th etrue meaning of existence, and begin to understand the order of things. You return to the womb, the cocoon of our material structure and Nature’s original darkness.

Complete Darkness profoundly changes the sensory sensibilities of the body/brain. We are deprived of all visual reference. Sounds begin to fall away as we loose contact with the external world and turn the senses inward. The effect of darkness is to shunt down major cortical centers in the brain, depressing mental and cognitive functions in the higher brain centers.Emotional and feeling states are enhanced, especially the sense of smell and the finer senses of psychic perception. Dreams become more lucid, and the dream state manifests in our conscious awareness of the Source, the spirit, the soul. We descend into the void, into the darkness of deep, inner space.

Darkness activates the deepest centers within the brain, the glands of the Crystal Palace establishing a connection with the Original Source, the Wu Chi. The pineal gland connects us to the Universal Energy. From the hypothalamus gland, we project our soul or spirit upwards, and receive the descending Universal Energy. The pituitary gland receives the Cosmic Force, used to launch the spirit bodies into the earthly or human plane for traveling.

The darkness actualizes successively higher states of divine consciousness, correlating with the synthesis and accumulation of psychedelic chemicals in the brain. Melatonin, a regulatory hormone, quite the body and mind in preparation for the finer and subtler realities of higher consciousness (Day 1 to 3). Pinoline, affecting the neuro-transmitters of the brain, permits visions and dream-states to emerge in our conscious awareness (Days 3 to 5). Eventually, the brain synthesizes the “spirit molecules” (5-MeO-DMT) and dimethyltryptamine (DMT), facilitating the transcendental experience of universal love and compassion (Days 6 to 12).

Benefits of Darkness Experience

The Darkness meditations will influence each person uniquely, depending on their maturity and stage of spiritual development. The Darkness enables the body and mind to undergo a series of profound transformations. The ‘states of consciousness’ appear correlated with the organic synthesis and accumulation of psychedelic chemicals in the brain, especially melatonin (Days 1 to 3), pinoline (Days 3 to 5), 5-MeO-DMT (Days 6 to 8), and DMT (Days 9 to 12).
The pharmacology of these states is as follows.

‘Melatonin Stage’ (Day 1 to 3)

Complete isolation from external light causes the pineal gland to flood the brain with the neurotransmitter melatonin (average 2 to 5 mg/day), manifesting initially as the need for sleep and rest. The eyes recuperate from the over-stimulation of the visual world, releasing the grip of mental concerns, plans, agendas, and letting the energies settle. Melatonin is essential for maintaining the hibernation state, which facilitates the emergence of spiritual consciousness. The person retains a child-like biological continuation.

When this substance works together with the yellow marrowin the bone, the reddish firing reaction will activate a gentle interaction between the sacred water and the light. The sacred waters are the finer fluids that are responsible for producing bone marrow and other bodily fluids. The waters run not only in the center of the bones, but also in the spinal connections between the Crown and Perineum Points.

‘Pinoline Stage’ (Day 3 to 5)

After about three days, when melatonin concentration reaches sufficient levels (15 to 20 mg) the body then begins to produce superconductor pinoline, whereby a greater fluidity of thought and healing of body starts to occur. Pinoline induces cell replication (mitosis) and intercalates with DNA molecules. The ‘pinoline stage’ is normally activated only in womb, in lucid dreaming, or in near death experiences. Within this state we can metaprogram the brain to the Unity of Self, heightening awareness of the pathways with which we filter reality. At this stage, the nervous system becomes aware of itself. We become aware of the hologram of the external world that we create constantly in our head.

When the pinoline is triggered you activate your clairsentient and clairaudient powers. You may see light and visions, hear music, and gain phenomenal insight. A decoding of the DNA then begins to take place. Cosmic particles are attracted to us and decoded in the form of sound, light, knowledge and realization. The particles, which have the same cell structure as humans (and from which Tao believes you evolved), are attracted to you magnetically. The body has approximately six trillion cells, which correspond to the universe ‘without’. Each of these cells can be seen as a computer with unlimited power and potential.

Each cell can become superconductor, able to receive information from the space. You are able to decode this universal information carried from outer space. You are able to decode this universal information carried from outer space, which may be as old as nothingness itself. When you enter this primordial state of force you are reunited with the true self and divinity within. You literally ‘conduct’ the universal energy. You may see into the past and future, understand the true meaning of existence, and begin to understand the order of things. You return to the womb, the cocoon of our material structure and Nature’s original Darkness.

’5-MeO-DMT Stage’ (Day 6 to 8 )

At this stage the pineal gland starts to produce the neuro-hormone 5-MeO-DMT (aka ‘akashon). This psychoactive tryptamine is highly luminiscent and also extremely phosphorescent due to the amount of phosphene that it transmits onto the visual cortex. 5-MeO-DMT switches on 40% more of the cerebral cortex and awakens the nervous system to become aware of itself; ‘beingness’ results. Hence, the possibility of metaprogramming the nervous system’s bio-computer – activating healing and conflict messages assortment of the nervous system. 5-MeO-DMT is the empathogenic neurotransmitter that expands the emotional body between ‘infinity and zero’. It gives rise to telepathy in the emotional and intuitive bodies. It engages the awakening of the ‘Flower of Life’, the spine, which begins to glow in a state of beingness and peace.

5-MeO-DMT discharges the Darkness from the Darkness. A bright light is activated and one experiences a born-again mentality. This Great White Light, the manifestation of the astral body, enables the self to project externally. At this point, some degree of ‘N-Methyl-D-Aspartare Inhibition’ (NMDA-I) usually occurs. This is a ‘soft form’ of showing of the glaumate input signals into the cells. This makes it easier for the nervous system to cause electrons to stop flowing with the cells, allowing for profound meditative trance states. 5-MeO-DMT intercalates with the messenger RNA. One can see in 3-dimensional holon pictures, as the thought behind the language.

“Techniques taught in the Darkness enable one to read and go beyond the matrix, by unifying all directions, and externalizes the soul computer so that one can start to interact with one’s own genetic code of the Tree of Life. The spine is activated and reprogrammed and you can start to process the illusion of the dream from it’s binary code into the unified translated Self: The Unity Self.
Through 14 days of total light isolation your consciousness can be expanded to the wider wave emanations and transduce the core hologram of reality that is coherently programming ones nervous system to the Unity Self.

Many exercises will be practiced during this period: compacting Chi, consciousness and awareness into the nervous system, working with the Silent Self and anchoring the Immortal Body.
The 5-MeO-DMT prepares the nervous system, through its empathetic state of being and self awareness of the nervous system, for the DMT of dimethyltryptamine production of the pineal gland, in psychoactive milligram doses.

‘DMT Stage’ (Day 9 to 12)

When DMT levels reach more than 25 mg, one experience can become very visual. DMT is the visual Third Eye neurotransmitter. It enables the energy body and spiritto journey into hyperspace, beyond third dimensional realms of time and space. It is intensly energizing. “After some 10-12 days one starts to see in infrared, and ultraviolet, ona can actually run across the room and touch a person, by seeing their heat patterns. The Holon images exteriorize and one is walking in a Virtual Reality, which appears to be the DNA language macro uploaded,and interactive.”

When you reach the ‘DMT state’ you begin to function consciously from the various psychic centers or chakras. The bodily processes of Healing Love are then combined with those of the Darkness. The human states of true compassion and sexual arousal create a new chemistry and a new vibration within the body. This ‘special’ vibration occur at the frequency of 8Hz. ‘As in macrocosm, so it is in the microcosm’; hence if we make love, then all the cells and DNA actually make love as well. The DNA crosses over, like two serpents intertwining in an erotic embrace.

You need the orgasmic vibration to arouse this crossover process which leads to the “two giving birth to three”; the conceptions of new cells.The two vital states are compassion and arousal leading to orgasm. Both are inextricably linked to love. When this ‘love-vibration’ reaches the pineal gland a new hormone is produced, which in turn creates whole body conductivity. Only when you feel the waves of orgasmic vibration and unconditional love for the self and others can the process be activated and the essence of the Darkness is magnified.