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Brahma Hora Navagraha (梵天火羅九曜)

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Brahma Hora Navagraha (梵天火羅九曜)

大正新脩大藏經第 21 冊 No. 1311 梵天火羅九曜

No. 1311

According to Zen master I-Sing (一行禪師), the 28 houses (二十八宿) take left turn in the sky. From each position of each house, we would know which house one has offended.

From the first year of Wude (大唐武德元年) of Tang Dynasty starting from the year of Wuyin (戊寅) to a total of 257 years, this Brahma Hora Navagraha and hidden two stars are described here.

One can refer to this star chart and decide. The fortune and troubles of a person’s life shall not be missed and this is pretty amazing.

First, the Rahula, the consumer (羅睺蝕神):

Om rahula asura raja yaksa masadunyana shanty kali svaha

Method of worship:

Rahula must be worshipped with joss paper in the northeast direction.

Age of interference: 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 73, 82, 91

Whoever interfere with Rahula shall be deemed bad. This star is normally invisible, it has many names: Rahu (羅睺), Master Ra (羅師), Yellow Banner (黃幡) or Fiery Sun (火陽).

When Rahula enters a person’s life, he shall lose his job, seriously sick, facing loss of money, death, worries or quarrel.

The king shall perform ritual to ward off Rahula. One should draw the shape of Rahula onto joss paper and worship this image and all shall be auspicious (If one’s fate belonged to the righteous one, then this year shall be auspicious, whatever he asks for shall be fulfilled).

Second, the Saturn (土宿星), the king is at 4 seasons, the mantra:

Om shanaiya svaha Namah


Om shanai sah scha tra pram hanarusaya pushati kali svaha


Om susukaraya tatva rava rava raro sri svaha

The Saturn is at southeast direction during spring, it is at southwest during summer, it is at northwest during autumn and it is at northeast during winter. One should use a plate of fruits as offering to Saturn during the summer.

The formula is that the directions of Saturn are uncertain but the direction can be estimated as above.

The age of interference: 2, 11, 22, 19, 38, 47, 56, 65, 74, 83, 92.

When Saturn arrives this year, the circumference of Saturn is 90 miles which is as large as the Country Chu (楚國). This planet is the fiercest of all. When Saturn falls into ones star chart, then he would have serious illnesses and may serve jail terms.

When Saturn appeared in the star chart of a king, he shall be seriously ill.

If one does not wish to interfere with Saturn then it is best to offer Saturn with a plate of fruits during summer time together with some joss papers (本命元神錢).

The shape of Saturn is as if a Brahman, it is wearing a cow head crown and holding a staff made of tin.

It is best to draw the image of Saturn and worship it. One should wear yellow garment when worshipping Saturn. If one performs the ritual properly, then all troubles shall be gone and his luck and life span would also increase.

If one belongs to fire type, then he would have many problems during this year. So much so that the men would not be suitable to be employed, and women would not be suitable to get married. The worse month is the lunar 3rd and 9th month and the day of metal (庚辛日).

The third is the North Star (The Mercury 水星 strongest during winter 3 months)

The mantra for Mercury:

Om kusita tadyatah rita yaya zhizhi miti svaha


Om Budhana kitsa svamina jinuma svaha

Also heart mantra:

Om shudri sata svaha

The time for worship is during the middle of summer and it should be offered with oil towards the north.

The age of interference: 3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57, 66, 75, 84, 93 small luck.

When the year is ruled by Mercury, also known as North Star, Cunning Star (毚星) or Dripping Star (滴星), matters related to sadness, quarrel, thieves and thugs etc.

Mercury has a circumference of 100 miles and belongs to the direction of 'Yanzhao' (燕趙). The spirit of Mercury looks like a lady wearing a crown of an ape and she is holding paper and a pen.

The king should worship it during mid summer using oil.

He should pray to Northern Dipper (北斗) to lessen the effects of Mercury.

Counting this 12 Zodiacs, from the month one is born; the next Nakshaktras is counted as one day. Counting from the left until one's birthday; then one should know etc.

When it crosses one's fate (人命屬), then no matters can be accomplished: a man would lose his job and a lady would lost her husband. Month to avoid: 4th Month and day of fire (丙戌日).