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Adoration to the Triple Jewels!

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 Adoration to Avalokitesvara the Bodhisattva-Mahasattva who is the great compassionate one! Om, to the one who performs a leap beyond all fears! Having adored him, may I enter into the heart of the blue-necked one known as the noble adorable Avalokitesvara! It means the completing of all meaning, it is pure, it is that which makes all beings victorious and cleanses the path of existence. ......... When Avalokitesvara finished speaking the mantra, the earth shook six ways, the heaven rained jeweled flowers that fell and scattered in abundance on the ground. All the Buddhas of the ten directions were delighted while the hairs of the heavenly Demons and the infidels stood on end for fear.

Everyone in the assembly got certified for their cultivation. Some achieve the rank of Srotapanni, (first rank of sagehood in the Small Vehicle, meaning One Who Enters the Flow) some to the rank of Sakrdagami (2nd rank,), or the rank of Anagamin (3rd rank), some to the rank of Arhat (4th rank). Others attain the first ground, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and even up to the 10th ground of a Bodhisattva. Many people develop the Bodhi mind. At this time, Brahma stood up from his seat, adjusted his robe, put his palms together and respectfully spoke to Avalokitesvara: “How nice O great man! Since a very long time, I have come to numerous Dharma assemblies.

I have heard the essences of doctrines and many Dharanis on many occasions, but I have not heard this excellent Great Compassion Dharani before. Could you please tell me about the form and the appearance of the Dharani? We all want to hear it.” Avalokitesvara told Brahma: “You have asked this for the benefit of all beings. If you want to hear it, I will briefly explain to all of you.” “O Brahma! The appearance of this Dharani manifests through great compassion, impartiality, indifferentiation, purity, emptiness, respect, humility, serenity, superior understanding, order and detachment. All those aspects of the heart are the appearance of this Dharani.

Use them in your practice.” Brahma replied: “Today, many people and I are honored to understand the form of this Dharani. From now on, we will diligently practice it.” Avalokitesvara continued: “If any honest man or woman recites this Dharani, he or she will attain the right enlightenment. They must vow to save all beings, to observe the precepts, to have equanimity towards all beings, and they must practice without interruption. In the place of worship, wash and put on clean clothes, hang banners, light the oil lamp, burn the incenses and use flowers, food and beverages as offerings. Focus on reciting the Dharani. Suryaprabha (Sunlight) and Candraprabha (Moonlight) Bodhisattvas together with countless Deities and Immortals will come to witness and help the practitioner.

I will also use a thousand eyes to enlighten, a thousand hands to encourage by every means, so that one will thoroughly understand the classic book on the legend of The Genie Protector of the Doctrine, all the books in the world and all the unorthodox practices of magic. This Dharani can cure 84,000 kinds of diseases in the world, subdue heavenly Demons and the infidels, as well as command all Genies. If the devoted person is in the desolated mountains or deserted fields and mountains goblins, evil spirits or demons disturbed him, he needs only recite this Dharani once to get them all tied down. If the practitioner recites the Dharani correctly, starting with having compassion for all beings, I will command all Deities, Dragon Kings, Diamond God and Ucchusma to follow and support him.

They will always stay behind him to protect his life as well as the pupils of his eyes. Then the Bodhisattva gave her command: I command Vajarani, Uchussma and his Angusa (hooked weapon) The Division of Hercules in the heaven of Sankara Mahesvara-Narayana Kumbhira kapilato Sampra, Sumayadeva Dhrtarastra, The Goddess and the Mallas people King Virudhaka, King Vaisravana Golden Peacock King Twenty-eight divisions of superior Immortals Manibhadra, General Samjneya and Phuspahara Nanda, Upananda dragons Naga Badala and Elapattra Asura, Gandharva Garudas, Kinnaras, Mahoragas The Spirits of Water, Fire, Thunder and Lightning King Kumbhands, Picatcha To constantly support the practitioner. “These helpful Genies, the Dragon King genie and the Mother Goddess all have five hundred strong Yaksas as their relatives to stand beside and support the Dharani practitioner.

If one is alone in isolated mountains or deserted field, the helpful Genies will take turn to guard and prevent disasters when one is eating or sleeping. Should one get lost in the mountains, helpful Deities and Dragon Kings will transform themselves into a good person to guide him. If one lacks water and fire while in the mountain, forest or desert the Dragon Genies will use their magic to produce water and fire”. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva said those verses on the practitioner’s behalf. Should one walk in deserted mountains Populated with tigers, wolves, ferocious beasts, Snakes, centipedes, goblins, and Demons Recite this heart mantra to avoid all harms. As one crosses the sea, lake or river And recite the Dharani Dragons, poisonous snakes, wicked ghosts Yakchas, rakchasas, giant fish and turtles All of them will go away.

When surrounded by enemies Or being robbed by criminals Sincerely recite this compassion Dharani All of them will ask for mercy. When arrested by the king, general or soldier Or tied down or cuffed in jail Sincerely recite the compassion Dharani All of them will grant amnesty. When coming to a house that raise poisonous worms Or having eaten poisoned food Sincerely recite the compassion Dharani Poison will change to holy water. For the women with difficulty giving birth caused by ghosts and evil spirits Sincerely recite the compassion Dharani All ghosts will fearfully run away, and delivery will be safe. If Dragons and Demons poison the air And one is dying from heat and pain Sincerely recite the compassion Dharani The epidemic will end. His life will be long.

If Dragons and Demons spread diseases Puffiness, boils, pustules make one miserable Sincerely recite the compassion Dharani Toxic gas will vanish as one spits out three times. When a person from the dirty realm becomes vengeful and casts spells to satisfy their resentment Sincerely recite the compassion Dharani They will get the effect of their own spells. In this Dharma ending stage, the people from the low realm Having the fire of lust and a crazy heart Commit adultery, abandon their wife and children And possessed by obscene thoughts, If they sincerely recite the compassion Dharani The fire of lust will die out; the obscene mind vanishes. The power of this Dharani is briefly described as such. Everything cannot be said in just one lifetime. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva said to Brahma: Brahma! To get rid of disasters caused by ghosts, spin a five-color thread and make it into a string. Recite the Dharani of Great Compassion five times first, then twenty one times, tying a knot on the string.

Wear it on the neck or put in a purse and carry it with you. Untold numbers of Buddhas in the past have given the compassion Dharani to help religious people who do not have enough merits from the six virtues to have enough, i.e. people whose seed for enlightenment has not yet developed, people who are aspiring to be certified to the rank of Sound Hearer, or the Deities and Immortals in the great heaven who are waiting to become awakened to the enlightened state of superior realization. If a person does not have faith in the Great Vehicle School, this powerful Dharani will give rise to the seed of faith and make it grow. Also all his wishes will be fulfilled through the power of my compassion. Anything the practitioner of the Dharani says, good words or bad words will be heard as the pure Dharma Doctrine to all the celestial ghosts and Deities, the infidels, Dragons, Demons, and Genies. They will respect him as a Buddha. One must know that a person who recites this Dharani is considered having the Dharma body because ninety-nine trillion Buddhas treasure him. He is known as the store of brightness because the light of all Buddhas shines on him.

He is himself the store of compassion because he uses the Dharani to help beings. He is the store of wonderful Dharmas because he collects all the Dharanis. He is the store of meditation because hundreds of thousands of samadhis are present in him. He is the store of emptiness because he uses the wisdom of emptiness to watch over living beings. He is the store of bravery because Deities, Dragons, and Genies always support him. He is the store of wonderful words because his mouth always speaks the Dharani. He is the store of permanence because bad karma and the three disasters cannot damage him. He is the store of liberation because ghosts and the infidels cannot oppress his mind. He is the store of the medicinal King because he uses the Dharani to cure the sicknesses of beings. He is the store of supernatural power because he can leisurely walk through the ten directions of the Buddha realm. His merits are to be praised endlessly! O good person!

Serious offenses, which result in countless cycles of birth and death, will be eliminated once one hears the name of the Dharani. So much more can be done for the one who recites it. If anyone recites this Dharani, it means that he has already performed offerings to numerous Buddhas and cultivated many good roots in his past lives. If he recites the Dharani correctly and also helps others end their sufferings, one must know that he has enough compassion and he will become Buddha. Therefore, the practitioner should recite this Dharani for all the creatures that he sees so that they too can develop the seed of awakening. For this the practitioner will receive countless merits. If the practitioner is able to observe the precepts with a pure and sincere heart, and if he constantly recites the Dharani to repent his own sins in the present and in the past as well as the sins of others, he will attain the four fruitions of monkhood in his lifetime. If the practitioner has good roots and possesses the spiritual eye he can easily attain the tenth position, let alone small blessings of this world. For such blessings he only has to wish for them. Buddha called Ananda over and said to him: “Ananda!

When the country has disasters, the king of this country must rule with right principle and forgiveness so that his people do not suffer injustice. He must release the prisoners. He must recite the Dharani with a pure mind and body. In seven days and nights, all disasters will be eliminated. Moreover there will be an abundance of the five kinds of grains and the people will be safe and joyful.” When disasters unrelentingly follow one another, such as invasion from the enemy, disorder among the people, treason from within the king's entourage, spreading plague, wrong weather, erroneous orbiting of the sun and moon, and so forth, the king must set up an altar, build a statue of the hundred eyes Avalokitesvara and face it to the West: He must have incense, flowers, banner, parasols, and hundred kinds of food and he must have a pure mind and body and recite the mantra for seven days.

Then the enemy state will surrender, the political situation will be secured, the neighboring country will be harmonious, the princes and officers in the court will be loyal, the royal consorts and lady servants will respect the king, celestial Dragons and Genies will support the country by granting favorable weather and fruit. Crops will be lushly green and the people will rejoice. Troubles can be caused by ghosts and goblins, such as having a home that is haunted, having sick family members, losing money or property, or having bad people circulate gossips and wrong accusations. When these troubles occur the head of the family must build an altar, and facing the thousand-eyed statue, heartily recite the name of Avalokitesvara and this Dharani one thousand times. This will end all the above problems and the family will forever enjoy peace.

Ananda said to Buddha: “World Honored One! What is the name of this Dharani? How do I receive and recite it?” Buddha said: This Dharani has the following names: Great Satisfaction Dharani Fearless Compassion Dharani Rescue from Sorrow and Distress Dharani Prolonging Life Dharani Extermination of Wild Beast Dharani Breaking the Retribution of Bad Karma Dharani Satisfaction Dharani Freedom at Will Dharani Fast Liberation to the Holy Land Dharani You must practice this Dharani as instructed. Ananda said to Buddha: “World Honored One! What is the title of the Maha Bodhisattva, the owner of this Dharani who speaks so well about this subject?” Buddha said: This Bodhisattva is named Avalokitesvara or Heavenly Light Eyes. O Good person! The majestic force of the supernatural power of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva is indisputable.

He had become a Buddha since countless past lifecycles. His title was Right Wisdom Dharma. He descended to earth as a Bodhisattva because of his Great Compassion Vow and because he wants to become the first cause for Bodhisattvas of all ranks to be awakened and for all beings to be safe and joyful. Therefore you and the people, the Maha Bodhisattva, Brahma Indra, and Dragon Genies should be respectful towards Avalokitesvara. If the heavenly people and the human beings often call on Avalokitesvara and make offerings they will get countless blessings, and countless sins will be erased. When they die, they will be reborn in the Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha. Buddha said to Ananda: This Dharani spoken by Avalokitesvara is genuine. To invoke the Bodhisattva, recite the Dharani twenty one times and burn Benjamin scent. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva will appear at once. Buddha further said to Ananda: Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva has a thousand hands. Each hand represents an action in accordance with a wish from living beings. This is also a supernatural transformation from this noble man for the sake of compassion.

 1- To be very wealthy, and to have many valuables and adornments, pray to the hand holding the wish fulfilling pearl (Mani). Mantra:

An Pha Nhut Ra, Pha Da Ra, Hong Phan Tra.

2- To heal illnesses, pray to the hand holding the Casuarina Branch. Mantra:

An To Tat Dia, Ca Ri Pha Ri, Da Nam Da, Muc Da Due, Pha Nhut Ra, Pha Nhut Ra Ban Da, Ha Nang Ha Nang, Hong Phan Tra.

3- To cure sicknesses in the stomach pray to the hand holding the precious bowl. Mantra:
An Chi Ri Chi Ri, Pha Nhut-Ra, Hong Phan Tra.

4- To cure blindness, pray to the hand holding the Sun Mani. Mantra:

An Do Ti, Ca Gia Do Ti, Bat Ra Pha Ri Nanh, Tat-Pha Ha.

5- To command all the heavenly ghosts and Genies, pray to the hand holding the scepter. Mantra:

An Ne Be Ne Be, Ne Ba Da, Ma Ha That Ri Due, Tat-Pha Ha.

6- To conquer resentful rebels, pray to the hand holding the Vajra (Diamond pestle). Mantra:

An Pha Nhut-Ra Chi- Nanh, Bat-Ra Ne Bat Da Da, Tat- Pha Ha.

7- To subdue fear, pray to the hand granting fearlessness. Mantra:

An Pha Nhut-Ra Nang Da, Hong Phan Tra.

8- For safety when in trouble, pray to the hand holding the precious rope. Mantra:

An Chi Ri La Ra, Mo Nai Ra, Hong Phan Tra.

9- To be cured from fever pray to the hand holding the precious Moon. Mantra:

An To Tat Dia Yet-Ri, Tat-Pha Ha.

10- To soon meet good friends, pray to the hand holding the precious arrow. Mantra:

An Ca Ma La, Tat-Pha Ha.

11- To overcome Demons, Deities, false dreams (Musa), and wrong beliefs, pray to the hand holding the precious sword. Mantra:

An De The De Nha, Do Vi Nanh, Do De Ba Da Da Hong Phan Tra.

12- To eliminate nearby disasters pray to the hand holding the white whisk. Mantra:

An Bat Na Di Nanh, Ba Nga Pha De, Mo Ha Da Nha, Nga Mo Ha Nanh, Tat-Pha Ha.

13- To have harmony between family members prays to the hand holding the vase. Mantra:

An Yet Le, Tham Man Diem, Tat-Pha Ha.

14- To drive away tigers, panthers, wolves, and all wild beasts, pray to the hand holding the table of cards. Mantra:

An Duoc Cac Sam Nang, Na Da Chien Nai Ra, Dat Nau Ba Ri-Da, Bat Xa Bat Xa, Tat-Pha Ha.

15- To avoid being summoned or arrested by officers or soldiers at any time and any place, pray to the hand holding the axe and hammer. Mantra:

An Vi Ra Da, Vi Ra Da, Tat-Pha Ha.

16- To have men or woman servants, pray to the hand holding the jade bracelet. Mantra:

An Bat Na Ham Vi Ra Da, Tat-Pha Ha.

17- To have various merits, pray to the hand holding the white lotus flower. Mantra:

An Pha Nhut-Ra, Vi Ra Da, Tat-Pha Ha.

18- To be born in the ten directions of the Pure Land, pray to the hand holding the blue lotus flower. Mantra:

An Chi Ri, Pha Nhut- Ra, Bo Ra Ban Da, Hong Phan Tra.

19- To have great intelligence, pray to the hand holding the precious mirror. Mantra:

An Vi Tat Pho Ra, Na Ra Cac Xoa, Pha Nhut Ra, Man Tra La, Hong Phan Tra.

20- To meet with all the Buddhas of the ten directions, pray to the hand holding the purple lotus flower. Mantra:

At Tat Ra Tat Ra, Pha Nhut Ra, Hong Phan Tra.

21- To get hidden Jewels, pray to the hand holding the precious bowl. Mantra:

An Pha Nhut-Ra, Ba Thiet Ca Ri, Yet Nang Ham, Ra Hong.

22- To become a seer, pray to the hand that creates the appearance of clouds in five colors. Mantra:

An Pha Nhut-Ra, Ca Ri Ra Tra Ham Tra.

23- To be born in the realm of Brahma, pray to the hand holding the vase of water reserve. Mantra:

An Pha Nhut-Ra, The Ke Ra, Ro Tra Ham Tra.

24- To be born in the heavenly palace, pray to the hand holding the pink lotus flower. Mantra:

An Thuong Yet Le, Tat- Pha Ha.

25- To drive away an enemy's invasion, pray to the hand holding the precious halberd. Mantra:

An Tham Muoi Da, Chi Nanh Ha Ri, Hong Pha Tra.

26- To invite all celestial Deities, and kind Genies, pray to the hand holding the precious conch. Mantra:

An Thuong Yet-Le, Ma Ha Tham Man Diem, Tat-Pha Ha.

27- To command all Genies, pray to the hand holding the cane and skull. Mantra:

An Do Nang, Pha Nhut-Ra Xa.

28 - For faster guidance and help of the ten direction Buddhas pray to the hand holding a string of pearls. Mantra:

Nang Mo Ra Dat-Nang, Dat Ra Da Da. N A Na Ba De Vi Nha Due, Tat Dia Tat Da Lat The, Tat-Pha Ha.

29- To receive all of the miraculous sounds of Sanskrit, pray to the hand holding a precious bronze bell. Mantra:

Nang Mo Bat Na Ham Ba Noa Due An A Mat Lat Dam, Nghiem Be That Ri Due, That Ri Chiem Ri Nanh, Tat-Pha Ha.

30- To have eloquence pray to the hand holding the precious seal. Mantra:

An Pha Nhut-Ra, Nanh Dam Nha Due, Tat-Pha Ha.

31- To have the support of Deities and of the Dragon Kings, pray to the hand holding the ankusa (iron hook). Mantra:

An A Ro Ro, Da Ra Ca Ra, Vi Sa Due Nang Mo Tat- Pha Ha.

32- To protect people because of compassion for them, pray to the hand holding the wooden stick symbol. Mantra:

An Na Lat The, Na Lat The, Na Lat Tra Bat De, Na Lat De Na Da Bat Nanh, Hong Phan Tra.

33- For all people to love and respect each other, pray to the “Palms Joining” hand. Mantra:

An Bat Nap Mang Nha Lang, Hat Ri. (According to the basic book, there is also Dharani: An Vi Tat Ra, Vi Tat Ra, Hong Phan Tra).

34- To always be with the Buddhas throughout all successive lives, pray to the hand that creates the appearance of Buddha. Mantra:

An Chien Na Ra, Ba Ham Tra Ri, Ca Ri Na, Chi Ri Na, Chi Ri Ni, Hong Phan Tra.

35- To reside forever in the palace of the Buddha, and not be reborn in a womb, pray to the hand that creates the appearance of palaces. Mantra:

An Vi Tat Ra, Vi Tat Ra, Hong Phan Tra.

36- To become a royal officer or to have a promotion, pray to the hand holding a precious bow. Mantra:

An A Ta Vi, Le, Tat Pha Ha

37- To have broad knowledge pray to the hand holding the precious scripture. Mantra:

An A Ha Ra, Tat Ra Pha Ni, Ne Da Da Ra, Bo Ne De, Tat Pha Ha.

38- To cultivate this body until it becomes a Buddha's body without ever regressing pray to the hand holding a forward moving gold wheel. Mantra:

An Thiet Na Di Ta, Tat Pha Ha.

39- For the Buddhas of ten directions to come and rub one’s head (sign of certification) pray to the hand that creates the appearance of Buddha on the crown. Mantra:

An Pha Nhut Rini Pha Nhut Lam Nghe Tat Pha Ha

40- To have fruit and the five grains pray to the hand holding a bunch of grapes. Mantra:

An a Ma La Kiem De Ne Nanh, Tat Pha Ha

41- For the hungry and thirsty beings to have enough food and fresh air, pray to the hands that changes water into holy elixir. Mantra:

An To Ro To Ro, Bac Ra To Ro, Bac Ra To Ro, To Ro, To To Da, Tat Pha Ha.

42- To subdue the ghosts in the great heaven realm, pray to the hand “Seize All Heaven Leaders”. Mantra:

Dat Ne Da Tha, Pha Lo Chi De, Thap Pha Ra Da, Tat Ba Dot Sac, Tra O Ha Di Da, Sa Pha Ha.

 Ananda! There are thousands of wishes. I can just briefly describe a few of them. At that time, Suryaprabha Bodhisattva said the following wonderful Dharani to support the practitioners of the Great Compassion Dharani: “...... (Dharani)” Suryaprabha Bodhisattva said to Buddha: World Honored One! The recitation of this Dharani eliminates sins as well as chases ghosts and eliminates disasters from heaven. If anyone recites this Dharani and bows down to Buddha three times a day, in his future lives he will have good physical appearance and will have many blessings. Candraprabha Bodhisattva also said the following Dharani for the sake of the practitioner: “...... (Dharani)” Candraprabha Bodhisattva said to Buddha: World Honored One!

This Dharani is to be recited five times. Afterwards spin a five-colored thread into a string and tie the string across one's hand while reciting. Countless Buddhas had given this Dharani in the past. I also give it today to support the practitioner. This Dharani has the power to eliminate disasters and all fatal illnesses. It realizes all Dharmas, and takes away fears. Buddha told Ananda: You must have a pure heart and deep faith to receive and practice the Dharani of Great Compassion. You must also circulate and spread it to the world; do not let it end. This Dharani can bring great benefits for sentient beings in the three realms.

The body is bound by miseries from illnesses. If the Dharani is used to cure, all illnesses without exception will be healed. Even for a dead tree, the Dharani gets it to grow green leaves, flowers and bear fruit, let alone living beings with emotions and consciousness. It just never happened for the Dharani to fail in healing any sicknesses. O Good person! The supernatural power of this Dharani of Great Compassion is indisputable! Truly indisputable! Praises for it are endless. It is only known to the ones who have cultivated good roots in their past. Otherwise they are not able to even hear its name, let alone see it.

So upon hearing my praises, all of you Heavenly beings, human beings, Dragons and Deities should rejoice. If anyone slanders this Dharani they are slandering ten millions Buddhas. If anyone is doubtful of this Dharani he will lose enormous advantages in a hundred thousand lifetimes. He will not hear and see the Buddhas, the doctrines, and the monks. He will forever sink into the three wretched states, never knowing when he can get out. After hearing the Buddha's praises for the Dharani, the assembly of Bodhisattvas, Vajrapani, Brahma, Indra, the four Great Heaven Kings (Devaradja), Devas, Dragons, and Atulas were happy and started to cultivate the way as they were taught.